Andhra Pradesh Property Records

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Navigating through property documents in Andhra Pradesh can be a challenge, but worry not! At eSahayak, we understand the complexities and offer a seamless solution to your property document needs. Whether you're in the midst of a transaction or simply seeking information, we've streamlined the process for you. Let's break down the essential property services we provide to make your experience hassle-free.

In Andhra Pradesh, when it comes to land or property, there's an important document everyone talks about:

Adangal Document

First up, let's talk about Adangal, a crucial land revenue document. It confirms who owns the land, helps in transactions, and is essential for loans. You can easily get it from eSahayak.

Encumbrance Certificate

Looking to check if a property has any dues or legal issues? The Encumbrance Certificate is your answer. It ensures a smooth property transaction and can be obtained online.


Understanding land layout is vital. FMB/LP Maps provide accurate land measurements and possession details. Perfect for planning, construction, and resolving land disputes, you can access these maps easily on eSahayak.

Guideline Value

Guideline Value sets the minimum value for property registration. It's crucial for fair transactions and helps the government collect the right fees.

ROR-1B Document

Need comprehensive land information? ROR-1B, or Record of Rights-1B, covers ownership, land classification, and cultivation details. Essential for property deals and legal matters, you can download it hassle-free from eSahayak.

Prohibited Properties

Some properties have legal restrictions. Prohibited properties safeguard the environment, culture, and public interest. Be aware of these restrictions by checking with local authorities or reviewing official documentation.

At eSahayak, we believe in making property document access simple and convenient. You can use our service to search and receive property documents directly on WhatsApp.