Adangal: Andhra Pradesh

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Adangal, also known as Pahani, is an important document in Andhra Pradesh that tells you about land ownership and details like what the land is used for and how much revenue it generates.

Why is Adangal Document Important?

  • Ownership Proof: It proves who owns the land.
  • Money Matters: Helps figure out and collect land taxes.
  • Land Type: Tells if the land is for farming or something else.

Where is Adangal Document Used?

People use Adangal for:

  • Buying/Selling Land: It's a must for any land deal.
  • Getting Loans: Needed when you want a loan using your land.
  • Sorting Disputes: Helps in solving problems related to land.

How to Get Adangal Document in Andhra Pradesh using eSahayak?

  • Visit : Go to the eSahayak website.
  • Search "Adangal": Click on the "Adangal" option.
  • Enter Land Details: Put in your land details like survey number.
  • Get it on Whatsapp: Within 24 hours you will get it on your whatsapp