Guideline Value: Andhra Pradesh

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Guideline Value, also known as Circle Rate or Ready Reckoner Rate, is the minimum value at which a property is registered in official records. It is set by the government to prevent undervaluation of properties during transactions.

Why is Guideline Value Important?

  • Fair Property Valuation: Prevents underreporting of property values during transactions.
  • Revenue Generation: Ensures the government collects appropriate stamp duty and registration fees.
  • Transaction Transparency: Sets a standard for property transactions, promoting fairness and transparency.

Where is Guideline Value Used?

Guideline Value is crucial in various contexts, including:

  • Property Transactions: Forms the basis for calculating stamp duty and registration fees during property transactions.
  • Loan Approvals: Banks may refer to guideline values when determining loan amounts against properties.
  • Tax Assessment: Can influence property tax calculations.

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