FMB/LP Maps: Andhra Pradesh

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FMB (Field Measurement Book) and LP (Land Possession) Maps are essential documents in Andhra Pradesh that provide detailed records of land measurements and possession details. These maps are crucial for understanding the layout and demarcation of land.

Why are FMB/LP Maps Important?

  • Accurate Land Measurement: FMB maps showcase precise measurements of land.
  • Ownership Verification: LP maps confirm the possession status of the land.
  • Land Use Planning: Useful for planning and development purposes.

Where are FMB/LP Maps Used?

FMB/LP Maps find utility in various scenarios:

  • Land Transactions: Necessary for buying or selling land.
  • Construction Planning: Aids in planning new structures or developments.
  • Legal Clarifications: Helps in resolving land ownership or boundary disputes.

How to Access FMB/LP Maps in Andhra Pradesh using eSahayak?

  • Visit : Go to the eSahayak website.
  • Search "FMB/LP Maps": Look for the option related to FMB/LP Maps on the portal.
  • Enter Land Details: Input the necessary details like survey number or LP Number.
  • Get it on Whatsapp: Get the FMB/LP Maps on your whatsapp within 24 hours.