Bihar Property Records

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Navigating property transactions in Bihar can be complex, but worry not! At eSahayak, we understand the intricacies and provide a seamless solution to your land document needs in the state. Whether you're in the midst of a transaction or seeking information, we've streamlined the process to make your experience hassle-free.

Property Related Service

In Bihar, when it comes to land or property, there's an important document everyone talks about:

Encumbrance Certificate: Let's start with the Encumbrance Certificate, a crucial document in Bihar. It serves as a vital tool to check for any dues or legal issues associated with a property. Obtaining the Encumbrance Certificate is essential to ensure a smooth property transaction, and you can conveniently access it online through eSahayak.

Our platform aims to simplify the process, allowing you to easily search for and receive the Encumbrance Certificate directly on WhatsApp. Trust eSahayak to make your property document access in Bihar simple and convenient.