Tamil Nadu Property Records

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Navigating property transactions in Tamil Nadu is made effortless with eSahayak! Whether you're in the midst of a transaction or seeking information, we've streamlined the process to make your experience hassle-free.

In Tamil Nadu, when it comes to land or property, there are important documents everyone talks about:

Encumbrance Certificate (EC): To check for any dues or legal issues associated with a property in Tamil Nadu, the Encumbrance Certificate (EC) is essential. Ensure a smooth property transaction by conveniently obtaining the EC online through eSahayak.

FMB (Field Measurement Book): Understanding the land layout is vital. In Tamil Nadu, the FMB provides accurate land measurements and possession details. Perfect for planning, construction, and resolving land disputes, access FMB records effortlessly on eSahayak.

Patta/Chitta: For land ownership details in Tamil Nadu, the Patta/Chitta document is indispensable. It confirms the legal owner of the land and is essential for various transactions. Obtain your Patta/Chitta hassle-free through eSahayak, ensuring a reliable source for your land ownership details.

Town Survey Records: Accessing accurate town survey records is crucial for property transactions in Tamil Nadu. Whether you're planning developments or resolving disputes, eSahayak provides convenient access to Town Survey Records to facilitate informed decisions.

Sale Deed: In Tamil Nadu, the Sale Deed is a pivotal document for property transactions. It acts as legal proof of property ownership transfer and outlines the terms and conditions of the sale. Obtain your Sale Deed effortlessly through eSahayak, ensuring a smooth and transparent property transaction process.

Guideline Value: The Guideline Value sets the minimum value for property registration in Tamil Nadu. It's crucial for fair transactions and helps the government collect the right fees. Stay informed about the Guideline Value through eSahayak to facilitate transparent property transactions.

Our platform is designed to simplify the process, allowing you to easily search for and receive these documents directly on WhatsApp. Trust eSahayak to make your property document access in Tamil Nadu simple and convenient.