ROR-1B: Andhra Pradesh

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ROR-1B, or Record of Rights-1B, is a vital land revenue document in Andhra Pradesh. It provides comprehensive information about the land, including ownership details, classification, and cultivation particulars.

Why is ROR-1B Important?

  • Ownership Details: Confirms the legal owner(s) of the land.
  • Land Classification: Specifies if the land is agricultural or non-agricultural.
  • Cultivation Information: Records details about the type and extent of cultivation on the land.

Where is ROR-1B used?

ROR-1B serves various purposes, including:

  • Property Transactions: Essential during buying or selling of land.
  • Loan Processing: Often required for securing loans against land.
  • Legal Matters: Used in resolving land-related disputes or legal proceedings.

How to Obtain ROR-1B in Andhra Pradesh?

  • Visit Go to eSahayak website.
  • Choose "ROR-1B": Look for and select the "ROR-1B" option.
  • Enter Land Details: Input relevant details such as survey number and district.
  • Get the Document: Get the document on your whatsapp within 24 hours.