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A Name Change Certificate, also known as a Gazette Notification, is an official document issued by the Government of India that legally recognizes your new name. The notification in the Gazette serves as a record of your name change and is an accepted document which can be used to update your name in various documents, such as your passport, driver's license, and bank account.

What is the Process for Gazette Name Change in India?

Following your decision on a new name, you need take the following actions to formally change your name:

  1. An Undertaking/Affidavit signed by the applicant should contain their old and new names, along with full details of the father’s/husband’s name and residential address. The applicant declares that the facts stated therein are true and correct to the best of their knowledge and belief.
  2. In the case of individuals working with the Central Government, they should submit a request for a change of name following the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Two Gazetted Officers should act as witnesses.
  3. For Indians living abroad, the applicant must submit a deed duly attested by the respective Indian Embassy/Indian High Commission in the original to this department.
  4. The change of name should be advertised in one of the leading daily newspapers, both regionally and nationally. The advertisement should include the Father’s/Husband’s Name along with the residential address and be forwarded in the original to this department.
  5. Two copies of the prescribed proforma, completed in all respects, should be typed on separate plain papers and signed by the individual, including the old name. The form should also include the name, address, contact number, and signature of two witnesses.
  6. The same proforma, without witness details and with the old name, must be saved on a CD in Word format. The proforma should be computer-typed.
  7. The applicant is required to submit two passport-sized photos and a self-attested government ID proof such as Aadhar Card or Passport, etc.
  8. A certificate signed by the applicant should declare that the contents of the hard copy and soft copy are similar.
  9. A request letter, along with the requisite fee, is required to be submitted to the Department of Publications at Civil Lines, Delhi.
  10. If someone is changing their name due to divorce, they will need a Divorce Decree and a Divorce Deed. For a name change due to a change of religion, a Religion Conversion Certificate is required. In the case of adoption, an Adoption Deed is necessary. If the name change is related to marriage, a Marriage Certificate is required. For a change of gender, a GID Certificate from the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) or Head of the Hospital, along with an initiation letter for Hormone Replacement Therapy, is needed.

What are the Documents required for name change in India?

Basic Documents for Name Change

  • Affidavit: Sworn statement of your name change intent and details.
  • Newspaper Ad: Original and copy of the ad announcing the change.
  • Proforma: Official form with your details, signed by two witnesses.
  • CD: Soft copy of the proforma (slightly modified).
  • Consistency Certificate: Verifies the CD and proforma content match.
  • Passport Photos: Two self-attested photos.
  • ID Proof: Copy of Aadhaar, Passport, Voter ID, etc.

Additional Documents (if applicable)

  • Divorce: Decree and Deed
  • Religion Change: Conversion Certificate
  • Adoption: Deed
  • Marriage: Certificate
  • Gender Change: GID Certificate and medical documentation

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What are the Reasons for Name Change?

  • Errors in the Birth Certificate: Rectifying inaccuracies in the birth certificate, such as mistakes in spelling or incorrect information.
  • Errors in School Certificate: Correcting errors in school-related documents, ensuring accurate academic records.
  • After Marriage by Women: Adopting the spouse's surname or changing the name after marriage.
  • After Divorce by Women: Reverting to the maiden name or adopting a new name post-divorce.
  • Spelling Errors: Correcting spelling mistakes in the current name for accuracy.
  • For Adoptions: Changing the name to reflect the adoptive family or for personal reasons after adoption.
  • If Religion is Changed: Aligning the name with a new religious affiliation.
  • Numerology or Astrology: Changing the name based on numerological or astrological beliefs for positive energy.
  • To Change Surname: Opting for a change in the family name or surname.
  • Change of Gender: Adjusting the name to align with one's gender identity.
  • Dislike of Current Name: Choosing to change the name due to personal preference or dissatisfaction with the current one.
  • Identity Change: Making a broader change to one's identity, which may include a new name.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Adults: Any adult (18+) can apply for personal or professional reasons.
Married Individuals: Those wanting to change their name after marriage or divorce.
Parents/Guardians: Can apply on behalf of a minor.
Transgender Individuals: People undergoing gender transition can change their name to match their identity.
NRI's: Non-Resident Indians residing in India may apply with additional steps.