Affidavit: One and The Same Person

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One and the same person affidavit paper helps you officially prove that even if your name looks different in different papers, you’re still the same person. Sometimes, life’s twists and turns can make your name look different, and this affidavit helps you show that you’re still you in a simple way.

So, if you’ve ever seen your name written differently in different documents, this affidavit will help you. For instance, consider a scenario where an individual’s name is listed as “Gaurav Malik” on their Aadhar Card and simply as “Gaurav” on their PAN Card. In such cases, when presenting these documents collectively, the person might be requested to provide an affidavit affirming their identity as a single individual. Let’s start this journey to make sure everyone knows your different name variations are all really you, where your identity gets official recognition in an affidavit that you can show to the right people.

Understanding One and the Same Person Affidavit

One and the same person affidavit is like having a documented conversation that states, “I am the same individual, even though my name might appear differently.” This document serves as your formal assertion, ensuring that your identity is accurately aligned across various records.

Imagine if you had to explain to someone that “Gaurav Malik” and “Gaurav” are actually the same person. Well, an affidavit is like doing that on paper. It’s your chance to confidently state the facts and confirm that you’re really just one person. This formal document lets you show that both names belong to you, making sure everyone understands it clearly.

Whether your name variations have arisen due to official processes, cultural differences, or any other reasons, the “One and the Same Person Affidavit” offers you a structured way to confirm your identity.

The “One and the Same Person Affidavit” lets you honestly and confidently say, “Yes, these two names are both me.” It’s like giving your identity a strong and honest voice on paper.

Uses of One and the Same Person Affidavit

The “One and the Same Person Affidavit” serves several practical purposes when needing to establish consistency in your identity:

  • Official Documentation: Submit this affidavit to various authorities when your name variations appear in official records.
  • Banking and Financial Institutions: Use this document to align your name variations for seamless financial transactions.
  • Legal Proceedings: When presenting yourself as the same individual with different name versions, this affidavit can serve as evidence.
  • Educational Institutions: Submit the affidavit to educational institutions if your name appears differently in academic records.
  • Employment: Use the affidavit to ensure your identity is consistent across employment-related documents.
  • Government Authorities: When dealing with government agencies, this affidavit can help establish your consistent identity.
  • Passport and Visa Applications: Align your name variations for hassle-free passport and visa applications.
  • Property Transactions: Ensure uniformity in your name across property-related documents.
  • Professional Certifications: Use the affidavit to align your name for various professional certifications.

Format of One and the Same Person Affidavit

What Should Be Included in the Affidavit?

In an ideal affidavit for a person undergoing a name change, the following information should be encompassed:

  1. The deponent’s original name.
  2. The deponent’s new or changed name.
  3. The specific document where the name change is officially recorded.
  4. Pertinent personal details of the deponent.
  5. A declaration affirming the absence of any fraudulent or misrepresented information within the affidavit.

Stamp paper denomination required for the affidavit

StateStamp Duty (₹)
Andhra Pradesh10
Arunachal Pradesh10
Himachal Pradesh10
Madhya Pradesh50
Tamil Nadu20
Uttar Pradesh10
West Bengal10
Andaman and Nicobar Islands10
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu20
Jammu & Kashmir10