Residential Rent Agreement

Rent agreement template for landlords, tenants and real estate brokers. Covers all legal points and is available for free.

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How to create Residential Rent Agreement Online?

  1. Click on “Generate Now” button.
  2. Answer a simple questionnaire.
  3. Customise your agreement as per your needs.
  4. Download the auto-created rent agreement.
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Who can Generate this Residential Rent Agreement?

  1. Landlords
    Rent out your home worry free & let eSahayak take care of creating the 100% legal rent agreement. You can also customise the clauses and rules.
  2. Tenants
    Enjoy your stay at new home and leave rent agreement documentation on us.
  3. Agents & Brokers
    Create rent agreements for your clients online. No need to run here and there as we provide online eSigning option.
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What is a Residential Rent Agreement?

A residential rent agreement is an essential legal document signed by both parties that is a tenant and the landlord to protect their own interest in case of a legal dispute. The rent agreement is a document that includes all the terms and conditions acceptable to both parties. Hence it includes important clauses, essential specifics specifications, and details of the property and, hence it should be error-free. 

Getting involved in rental deals without a proper agreement can be dangerous and leaves room for legal disputes.  We cannot stress enough the importance of a residential rent agreement which is why we offer the facility to create one in the quickest way possible.

What terms should be added to the Residential Rent Agreement?

The rental agreements are nothing but contracts that are used to avoid potentials legal controversies in the future and are used as precautionary steps in case any of the parties step back on their words. So it is recommended that you add all the possible and required clauses and details to be on the safer side. 

A residential rent agreement requires the following details –

  • Full name, address, and contact details of landlord and tenant.
  • Monthly rent, security deposit, and maintenance charges (if any).
  • Full address and details of the premises being considered for tenancy.
  • Term of the lease.
  • Specific clauses requested by both parties.
  • Nature of resolving disputes, if arise.
  • Incidents that could lead to termination of the agreement.

These are the basic details that are suggested to be added in the residential rental agreement, but if you need any other details to be added you can add them in the custom field of the eSahayak Rent agreement form.

How to use eSahayak to create quick Residential Rent Agreements?

The traditional way of drafting a residential rent agreement includes both the tenets and landlord to decide the clauses they both require and agree upon, after that approaching to a lawyer to draft an agreement for the same and then printing it on stamp paper. However, this process would take weeks.

With eSahayak, all of this process can be done in minutes.  

Our Rent Agreement form template is designed by experts so that no information is missed. You can also generate the clauses according to your requirements in the custom fields. 

You just need to click on the Generate now button below and Fill the rent agreement form and get it printed. 

After generating your customized rent agreement you need to get it legally verified by the following process- 

  • The rental agreement must be printed on Stamp paper or the stamp according to your State Govt. recommended value.
  • The tenant and landlord must place their signatures at designated places.
  • The residential rent agreement must then be signed in the presence of two witnesses whose signatures must also be placed in the agreement.

After getting a legal rent agreement contract, changes of legal disputes reduce, that’s why it is suggested to get the rent agreement done before any commitment. 

What are the terms & conditions in a rent agreement?

An ideal rental agreement should cover the following clauses:

  • Duration of the rent period
  • Monthly rent
  • Security deposit
  • Penalty for late payment of rent
  • Additional charges like maintenance, society, water, gas, etc to be borne by the tenant or landlord
  • Provision of parking, if applicable
  • Any damage or repair charges
  • Rights of tenant
  • Rights of landlord

How Do You Register a House Rent Agreement?

Rent agreement that is equal to or more than 12 months has to be registered as a mandatory requirement.

  • The original document of ownership required.
  • Click on Generate Now button, answer few questions and get it printed on a stamp paper duly signed by the tenant and landlord/owner of the property.
  • Two witnesses’ signatures are required. The witnesses shouldn’t be related to either of the parties.
  • The tenant, landlord, and two witnesses should also submit their passport size photographs along with valid ID proofs for further validation.
  • The completed document is then submitted in-person to the Sub Registrar office.
  • On the payment of stamp duty and registration charges, your agreement becomes a registered deed.

Why is it important to register a rent agreement?

There are numerous instances wherein parties don’t register their rent agreement to save some cost. The most prominent practice hence is to make a contract for 11 months to avoid the compulsory bracket.

As per the Registration Act, it cannot be admissible as proof if a rental agreement is not registered. It implies that in the event of a dispute between the landlord and the tenant, there is no acceptance of the un-registered rental agreement, and thus, no claim or decision can be taken based on the un-registered rental agreement.

To conclude, it is the responsibility of the landlord to register the agreement. If the landlord fails to do so, as a punishment, he/she will have to pay out INR 5,000 and/or be jailed for up to three months. Hence, make sure to have a rent agreement whenever you decide to rent out your home and vice-versa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the rent agreement created on eSahayak legally valid?

The rent agreement created on eSahayak is just like any other rent agreement. You just have to get the first page printed on the stamp paper or the e-stamp and the rest will be the same.

Will I get a hard copy of the rent agreement form?

The process of generating the rent agreement form is online. after the form is ready you can download it as a pdf and get it printed whenever you want to.

Can I edit the clauses mentioned in the rent agreement template?

On eSahayak our rent agreement template includes all the information that is needed to be filled and it covers almost everything, but you can add clauses as per your requirements in our custom field.

Can I add multiple tenants in this agreement?

Yes, you can add a maximum of 5 tenants per agreement.

Why is the residential rent agreement only for 11 months’ tenure?

Rent agreements of 11 months’ tenure do not require registration. Therefore, such documents can be executed and are legally valid.

Which type of registration is more secure, Notarized rent agreement or Registered rent agreement?

If the Agreement is making for 11 months then notarizing it with Notary Public is sufficient and Valid.
If the Agreement is making for above 11 months then it is mandatory to make it register as the validity for Notary Attestation is for 1 year in case of Rent Agreement.

What is the standard notice period for termination of a rental agreement before the expiration of the agreement?

In general, it can be anywhere from 1 month to 3 months for either the landlord or the tenant to vacate the property. However, whatever may be the standard notice period, it should be clearly mentioned in the rental contract with a mutual agreement between both the parties.

What do you mean by stamp duty denomination?

A rental agreement on which a stamp duty is paid is deemed as a legally valid piece of document. It has got an evidentiary value. Moreover, it is regarded in courts, as well.

What are the documents required to make Rent Agreement?

In order to make a rent agreement and get it registered, you need to have a copy of the address proof of both tenant and owner along with the witnesses.
You may show any of these proofs listed here: Bank Passbook, Aadhar Card, Passport, Ration Card and Driving License as address proof.


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esahayak is not associated with any government agency, it is a third party platform which saves you from all the hassles of documentation required in various government and legal forms.

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Residential Rent Agreement

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