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Kinds of Divorce cases we deal with

Contested Divorce

  • Under this form of divorce, one party agrees for divorce and the opposition party disagrees for the same.
  • This form of divorce takes a long time for dissolution of marriage, where the decision is pending upon the honourable presiding judge.

Mutual Divorce

  • Under this form of divorce, both parties agree to part ways under mutual consent.
  • The decisions are taken mutually by both the parties where they decide to exchange the items/ goods which they have taken from one another during the time of marriage.
  • Under this form both the parties settle everything between them according to their convenience.

Documents Required

  • Marriage Certificate (If registered).
  • If not registered the priest can testify.
  • If the marriage is not registered one needs to provide the invitation cards, photographs and other relative documents which prove that the couple were married. (In case the priest is dead)

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How to Apply For a Divorce Online?

With the rising rate of mutual divorce in India, courts have attempted to simplify the process by allowing mutual consent divorce to be filed online. This was done in order to accommodate the growing number of mutual consent divorce cases by shortening the process and removing the possibility of emotional harm.

Well, there are a few steps you need to follow to get a Divorce?

You must make a decision. You must decide whether the moment is right. Reconsider your position. Consider your options carefully.

  1. You need to find a good divorce lawyer. He should be a subject matter expert, having integrity and a strong court presence.
  2. In case of Mutual Divorce matters related to the separation of child custody, property, alimony and assets must be sorted beforehand. Once all this is done, pen down things in writing in order to sort things easily and reach over agreement easily
  3. Your divorce lawyer then start the drafting of Divorce Petition.
  4. Divorce Petition is filed before Family ourt.
  5. After filing, your divorce case gets listed for the first hearing/admission hearing.
  6. Now it is the court’s turn to complete the rest of the proceedings. After going through the details, and the grounds on which the divorce has been filed, the court will grant you the final divorce decree

Don’t worry about it, our lawyers will guide you through the whole process and will assist you throughout!

What are some Common reasons for Seeking Divorce?

Not only is there an unjustified need for independence and space, but there are also legitimate causes, such as modern ways of living in nuclear families, that lead to a strained connection between spouses, necessitating the breakup of a marriage and the much-needed separation.

One of the common grounds these days which give rise to divorce case are Domestic Violence. So many domestic violence cases are being filed by the wives that the husbands are forces to file divorce cases as a result.

Let’s discuss the common grounds on which you can seek consultation for divorce-

  • Harassment
  • Physical abuse
  • Mental torture
  • Cruelty
  • Impotency
  • Adultery
  • Remarriage, and many more.

What are theThe conditions required For Filing for a Mutual Divorce in India?

As the name suggests, a mutual consent divorce is when both the husband and wife want to terminate the marriage. It is a decision taken by mutual consent, and hence, the process is a lot smoother than divorce by other means.

  1. Husband and wife have been living separately for a period of one year or more.
  2. Both spouses feel that they cannot live together.
  3. Both the husband and wife mutually agree that their marriage has collapsed.
  4. Both parties agree to comply and file jointly for a mutual divorce without any undue influence, bribe or fraud.

Where you can file a divorce petition?

  1. The court can be one where couples seeking divorce last lived.
  2. The court can be one where the marriage was solemnized.
  3. The court can be one where the wife is residing as of present.

The divorce becomes final once the decree of divorce has been passed by the court.

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