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The Indian Stamp (Madhya Pradesh Amendment) Act, 1958

The Indian Stamp (Madhya Pradesh Amendment) Act, 1958 is an Act of the Madhya Pradesh legislature that amended the Indian Stamp Act, 1899. The amendment was made to introduce certain changes in the stamp duty rates and procedures applicable in Madhya Pradesh.

Some of the key changes introduced by the amendment are as follows:

  • Increase in the stamp duty rates for certain instruments, such as sale deeds, leases, and promissory notes.
  • Introduction of a new stamp duty for gift deeds.
  • Relaxation of the rules for stamping of certain instruments, such as court fees stamps.
  • Power to the government to exempt certain instruments from stamp duty.

The amendment also made some changes to the procedures for stamping of instruments. For example, it introduced the concept of self-assessment of stamp duty, and empowered the government to appoint stamp inspectors to verify the correctness of the stamp duty paid.

The Indian Stamp (Madhya Pradesh Amendment) Act, 1958 came into force on 15th October, 1958.

Stamp Duty in Madhya Pradesh

DocumentExplanationStamp Duty
Acknowledgement of a debtA written acknowledgment of owing a debt.Rupee 1
Administration BondA bond filed by administrators of an estate.Rs. 5
Adoption DeedLegal document formalizing the adoption of a person.Rs. 10
AffidavitA written statement of facts sworn to be true.Rs. 1
Agreement or Memorandum of an AgreementA contract between parties outlining terms and conditions.Rs. 10
Agreement related to deposit of Title-Deeds, Pawn or PledgeDocument related to the deposit or pledge of assets.Rs. 5
Appointment in Execution of PowerDocument appointing someone to execute a power.Rs. 15
Appraisement or ValuationDocument relating to the appraisal or valuation of property.Rs. 5
Apprenticeship DeedAgreement outlining terms of an apprenticeship.Rs. 5
Articles of Association of a CompanyDocument detailing regulations for a company’s operation.Rs. 25
Articles of ClerkshipDocument related to a clerk’s articles of training.Rs. 250
AwardLegal decision or judgment by an arbitrator.Rs. 5
Bill of ExchangeWritten order to pay a certain amount to a specific party.Rs. 5
BondAgreement with specified financial obligations.Rs. 2.5 on every Rs. 500
Bottomry BondBond related to maritime law, involving ship and cargo.Rs. 2.5 on every Rs. 500
CancellationDocument cancelling a previous agreement or transaction.Rs. 5
Certificate of SaleDocument certifying the sale of property.Rs. 5 on Every Rs. 500
Certificate or Other DocumentGeneral term for various types of certificates.Rupee 1
Charter PartyAgreement for hiring a whole or part of a ship.Rupee 1
Composition DeedAgreement settling terms of debt repayment.Rs. 10
ConveyanceTransfer of property ownership.Rs. 5 on Every Rs. 500
Conveyance in the nature of part performanceConveyance showing partial transfer.90% of (Rs. 5 on Every Rs. 500)
Copy or extractDuplicate copy or extract of a document.Rupee 1
Counterpart or duplicateDuplicate or counterpart of an original document.Rupee 1
Customs BondBond related to customs duties or taxes.Rs. 5
DebentureDocument evidencing a loan or debt.Rs. 3.75 on every Rs. 500
DivorceLegal dissolution of a marriage.Rupee 1
Entry as an advocate, vakil, or attorney on the roll of any high courtEnrolment as a legal practitioner.Rs. 500 (Advocate/Vakil), Rs. 250 (Attorney)
Exchange of PropertyTransfer of property through exchange.Rs. 5 on Every Rs. 500
Further ChargeAdditional charge on an existing mortgage.Rs. 5 on Every Rs. 500
GiftTransfer of property as a gift.Rs. 5 on Every Rs. 500
Indemnity BondBond ensuring compensation for loss or damage.Rs. 5
LeaseLegal agreement for property use.Explained Here
Letter of allotment of sharesLetter confirming allocation of shares in a company.Rupee 1
Letter of Credit (Letter of Guarantee)Financial instrument to ensure payment to a third party.Rupee 1
Letter of LicenseDocument granting a license for certain actions.Rs. 10
Memorandum of association of a companyLegal document outlining company’s constitution.Rs. 40
Mortgage DeedDocument related to mortgage of property.NA
Mortgage of a cropMortgage of agricultural produce or crop.NA
Notarial ActAct performed by a notary public, often involving oaths.Rupee 1
Note or MemorandumWritten note or memorandum of a transaction.Rs. 10
Order for the payment of moneyOfficial order for the payment of a certain amount.Rupee 1
PartitionDocument related to the partition of property.NA
Partnership DeedAgreement outlining terms of partnership.Rs. 10
Dissolution of PartnershipDocument regarding the dissolution of a partnership.Rs. 5
Power of AttorneyAuthorization to act on someone’s behalf.Rupee 1 apart from attorney to sell any immovable property
Protest of Bill or NoteFormal declaration of dishonor of a negotiable instrument.Rupee 1
ReceiptDocument acknowledging the receipt of money or goods.Rupee 1
Reconveyance of Mortgaged PropertyTransfer of mortgaged property back to the owner.Rs. 10
ReleaseDocument releasing someone from a claim or obligation.Rs. 10
Security BondBond providing security against a certain event.Rs. 5
Surrender of LeaseDocument surrendering a lease agreement.Rs. 5

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