Last Will and Testament

The last will is a legal document that outlines your desires for property distribution and the care of any minor children. Those wishes may not be carried out if you die without a will. Furthermore, your heirs may end up spending more time, money, and emotional energy after you pass away to settle your affairs. Let’s see how you can make the last will and testament online.

A Will is a legal declaration made by a person on a document that specifies how his assets will be distributed after his death. It is a one-time document that takes effect after a person’s death and allows you to make an informed decision about how your wealth, property, and assets will be allocated once you pass away.

How to Make Legally Valid Last Will and Testament Online?

Writing the last Will is a good idea regardless of how much money you have or how much debt you have. You should ideally write one to ensure a smooth transfer of your assets to the intended recipients. Let’s see how you can draft a Legally valid will in few simple steps-

  1. Make a list of all the assets and properties you have. Decide what asset you want to give to whom. This is the most important part of making a will as it will decide the future of your assets and what happens to them after you are gone.
  2. You can hire a lawyer and explain to them what you want in your will and ask them to draft a will for you. This process is time taking and will cost you a fortune. Or else you can take a paper and start writing a will on your own and keep worrying about what clause to add and in which format it should be written etc, etc.
  3. Get a printout of the last will you create on eSahayak and get it signed by two witnesses. Also don’t forget to sign yourself, because it’s your will after all.

This is how the end result of your Will generated on the system looks like-

  1. You can get your Last Will Registered by a registrar because a registered Will, has more legal sanctity than an unregistered Will. And if your will is tempered or lost so you can always get it back from the registrar’s office.
    Because the registration fee is relatively inexpensive, the will can be simply revised or amended as many times as desired. By paying the required registration price, each new version can be registered.

Who can make the Last Will online?

The Last Will must comply with certain requirements to be valid. If it is not valid as per court it is as good as dying without a will. The requirements are as mentioned below:

  1. Legal age: The testator must be of legal age to make a will. Most states consider 18 years of age as legal.
  2. Testamentary capacity: The testator must be of sound mind, that is he should understand that he is making a will and understand it’s an effect
  3. Intent: A person has the intent to make a will if, at the time of the signing, he or she intends to make a revocable disposition of property in the event of their death.
  4. Voluntary: A will must be voluntarily made, it is not valid if it is forced upon.

What details should be added in the Last Will?

  1. Details of the testator- The name, age, address, and other information that will assist in determining who is writing the will and when it is being written.
  2. Declaration- When creating the will, it is critical that the testator certifies that he or she is of sound mind and free of any coercion.
  3. Details of the beneficiary- Names, ages, addresses, and relationships to the testator should be provided for those who will benefit from the will and to whom the assets will be split.
  4. Details of the executor of the will- It is critical to designate an executor who will guarantee that the will is carried out according to the testator’s instructions. Name, age, address, and relationship to the testator should all be included.
  5. Details of property and assets- It is necessary to list all of the assets and properties that a testator owns, as well as which ones will be covered by the will. He or she might also make a list of any specific assets.
  6. Details of Witnesses- There should be a signature by the testator in the presence of at least 2 witnesses. The witnesses do not need to know the details of the will they just have to
  7. Signature- After the last statement, the testator should sign with the date on the will.

Is It Mandatory To Get the Last Will Registered?

No, Will Registration is not needed by law, hence an unregistered Will can be used. In contrast to an unregistered Will, a registered Will has more legal integrity.

A Will can be registered in the presence of the testator and two witnesses at the local sub-office during the registration process. registrar’s The witness should be someone who can attest to the testator’s mental health at the time of the will. As circumstances change, a person’s preferences may change, and he may request revisions to his Will.

The will can be easily altered or amended as many times as desired because the registration price is reasonably low. Each new version can be registered by paying the required registration fee.


Are you concerned that your Will, will not be perfect enough to prevent legal disputes among your beneficiaries? Don’t be concerned! Expert-verified, pre-drafted, ready-to-use Last Will templates are available on eSahayak, allowing you to make your own Will in minutes. All you have to do now is put in your personal information, property list, and beneficiaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can change or revoke your Last Will and Testament as often as you’d like. You can change your last will even after you have registered it.