Death Certificate: Delhi

A Death Certificate is an official document issued by the municipal authorities certifying the death of an individual. It includes crucial information such as the date, time, and cause of death. This document is essential for legal and administrative purposes. You can use our platform to apply for the death certificate in Delhi in a seamless and quick manner.

Why is a Death Certificate Important and in where will you need it?

A Death Certificate is commonly required in the various situations, such as:

  • Insurance Claims: To process life insurance claims, a Death Certificate is often a mandatory requirement.
  • Government Records: It helps maintain accurate government records and statistics related to mortality rates.
  • Legal Proceedings: During legal processes involving the deceased person's assets and liabilities.
  • Pension and Provident Fund Claim: For pension claims, settlement of provident fund, and other government-related benefits.
  • Property Transfer: It is necessary for the transfer of property ownership in the case of the deceased person.

Documents Required for Death Certificate in Delhi

To complete the Death Certificate Registration within the first year of the unfortunate event, the following documents are mandatory for submission:

  • Cremation/Body Donation/Burial Ground Receipt or FIR/MLC/DD/General Diary: Provide the official document confirming details of the cremation, body donation, burial ground, or any related records in case of a brought-dead scenario. This ensures accurate documentation of the final disposition.
  • ID of Deceased (Choose One):
    • Ration Card
    • PAN Card
    • Aadhar Card
    • Passport
    • Bank Passbook
    • Voter ID
  • ID of Informant: Furnish the identification document of the person providing the information for the registration process. This ensures accountability and accuracy in the registration details.

Additional Step, if the Registration is occurring beyond 1 year from the date of death in Delhi

In instances where the registration of a Death Certificate is commenced after one year from the date of death, it is imperative to secure an SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) Order. This order, coupled with the requisite documentation, guarantees the precise and lawful registration of the death, even beyond the one-year timeframe. The SDM Order can be obtained through the designated online portal,, and is essential to meet regulatory obligations.

How much time it takes to get death certificate in Delhi?

The process of generating the Death Certificate typically takes a standard period of 15 days. However, in certain circumstances, it may extend up to 21 to 30 days. We strive to expedite the issuance while ensuring accuracy and compliance with all necessary protocols. 

How to verify a Death Certificate in Delhi?

You can verify a Death Certificate issued by Delhi MC using following search options online here:

  • By Registration Number: Use the unique Registration Number assigned to each registered death for a quick and precise search.
  • By Application Number: Alternatively, the Death Certificate can be located using the dedicated Application Number associated with the application process.
  • By Specific Details: By Date of Death, Gender, Name of Deceased, Optional Details, Father's Name
  • By Registered Mobile Number: Utilize the registered Mobile Number to streamline the search process and retrieve the Death Certificate efficiently.

For the convenience of accessing and obtaining Death Certificates, a nominal fee will be charged per certificate search. This fee contributes to the maintenance and enhancement of our services, ensuring efficient and secure retrieval of the required documentation.

How to obtain Death Certificate using eSahayak in Delhi?

At eSahayak, we understand the importance of a Death Certificate during challenging times. Our user-friendly platform streamlines the process, making it hassle-free and efficient. Here's how you can obtain a Death Certificate through eSahayak:

Answer a few questions and upload required documents:

  • Provide crucial information, including details about the deceased, received medical attention, and relevant addresses.

Pay the Fee:

  • Complete the process by paying the applicable fee, determined by the time elapsed since the occurrence of the death.

Get Certificate within 15 to 30 Days:

  • Experience efficiency as you receive your Death Certificate within 30 days, meeting all regulatory requirements.

eSahayak ensures a swift and accurate process for obtaining the required Death Certificate. We prfioritize your convenience, ensuring a swift and accurate process to obtain the essential Death Certificate.