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May 18, 2022

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Every working professional looks forward to discovering new opportunities that will allow them to expand their skills and equip them with the necessary competencies for advancement. A relieving letter is one of those documents that they need to take the next step toward their goals. It is an acceptance of a resignation letter by your organization that is essential to relieving them from the obligations and responsibilities as stipulated by the company, whether they are switching companies or pursuing foreign studies. In this blog, we’ll go over the relieving letter samples for different kinds of jobs. 

Release Letter Sample from HR (1)


Name of the Employee

[Company Name]

[Company Address]

Subject: Relieving letter

Dear [Employee Name],

Regarding your resignation email dated [Employee’s Resignation Date], you are hereby relieved from your duties as on [Employee’s Relieving Date]. We confirm that you have been working with [Company’s Name], as [Employee’s Designation] from [Employe’s Joining Date] to [Employee’s Relieving Date].

We would like to thank you for your service with [Company Name] and wish you the best in your future endeavors.

[Company Name]

[HR Name] 

[HR Designation]

Release Letter Sample from company’s employer

Date:  _______

Name of the Employee

Address of the Employee

Subject: Relieving Letter

Dear [Name of the Employee]

This is regarding your resignation letter. Your resignation has been accepted by our management. You have been an integral part of our company since [Date of Joining] and played a key role in achieving organizational goals.

Please arrange to obtain a Clearance Certificate from your Department Head, which will be forwarded to the Accounts Department to enable them to settle your dues.

I am sure your diligence and hard work will give you a good standing in your new organization and I wish you all the best in your future assignments. You will be relieved from the services at the closing hours of this date.

Best wishes,

Name of the Employer

Designation of the Employer

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Relieving Letter Sample for school teachers

Date: _______

Name of the Teacher/Lecturer

Name of the School/College/University


Subject: Relieving Letter

Dear [Name of the Teacher/Lecturer]

This is in reference to your resignation from the post of ________ teacher/lecturer at _______ School/College/University. We would like to inform you that we have accepted your resignation from this position and you will be relieved of your responsibility with effect from _______.

Please visit the principal’s/dean’s office in Block B of the school building to verify your documents and receive your full and final settlement within the period of __ days. We appreciate your contributions and mentorship at the school. We wish you a successful future.




Relieving Letter Sample from the Long-term Internship Program (2)

[To be issued on the company’s letterhead]


Subject: Intern’s Relieving Letter to carry out the due academic requisites at [Name of the Institute]

Reference: 1. ‘Offer Letter’ by the Company, dated __________________.

2. ‘Relieving Letter’ No. _______dated _______________.

3. ‘Joining Letter’ of the Intern, dated ________________.

In accordance with the subject and references cited above, it is certified that Mr./Ms._________________________ bearing I.D.No.(college)____________ participated in the Long-Term Internship Program from _____________ to ______________ie., for _______ months and completed successfully.

He/she is relieved from the internship duties at company w. e. f., ________________.

This Relieving Letter is issued to complete due academic requisites at the university. And the intern is supposed to report to the company before ________________fails to do so his/her internship will be kept on hold till the company receives information from the intern. If information is not received within 15 days after the due date, the necessary procedures will be initiated against the intern as per the agreement made between the company and the intern at the time of joining.

During the Program the intern’s performance and conduct has been found _______________. [Note: If it is unsatisfactory, please mention the reasons to substantiate the same.]

Signature of Supervisor/Guide/Advisor

Name of the Supervisor/guide/Advisor

(Office Seal)

Relieving Letter Sample to be issued to the Participants of Cluster Meetings

Name of School


No. Date:

Office Order

Sri/Smt. (Name of Teacher), HSST in (Subject) is relieved of his/her duties from the FN of (From Date) for attending the Subject Cluster Meeting was held at (venue of the program) as part of the Monitoring of the Evaluation Process of the Higher Secondary Course. 



School Seal

Information to be included in a relieving letter sample

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, it’s critical to learn everything you can about relieving letter samples. You must know exactly what information to add to the relieving letter sample if you are in charge of creating it. Make sure to include the following details in your release letter sample:

  1. Information on the resigning employee

Since this is what employers look for while reading the relieving letter sample, it is the most important element of the letter. As a result, you must include all pertinent information about the relieving employee in your letter, that includes the employee’s full name, the job title he or she had, and the start and end dates of the employee’s tenure with the company.

  1. Information about the company

Any other company planning to hire a potential employee, like yourself, will conduct an extensive investigation to ensure that everything the candidate states in his resume is true. Therefore, include details about the company in the letter if you want it to appear more credible such as the full name of the business, the company’s complete corporate address, and the company’s contact information.

  1. The date when you write the letter

This is another important aspect of a relieving letter sample, particularly if there is a disagreement over when the employee received the letter. To avoid confusion, pinpoint the precise date, month, and year when writing the letter.

  1. Information on the employee’s resignation

Include any relevant information in this section, such as all the tasks or contributions made by an employee over his whole tenure. Such information will have a significant impact on whether the individual is hired at the next company.

  1. Mention the date of the employee’s resignation

This information will let any potential employers know that the employee is no longer employed by any previous organization. For this, include the exact day, month, and year when the employee resigned from the company.

  1. A statement of appreciation

After you’ve formally declared that the employee has resigned from your firm and is no longer a part of it, it’s time to thank him for everything he’s done for it. This can be done by including an expression of gratitude or appreciation. This demonstrates the employee’s worth to the new employer. It also demonstrates that the person has contributed positively to the organization when he was employed there. Remember that this is an official document, so be conscious to use courteous language when composing this statement.

  1. Mention your full name, work title, and signature

Finally, if you are drafting the relieving letter sample, make sure to include all of this information. This confirms the letter’s authenticity, especially if the potential employer notices that letter has been issued by someone who has a senior position inside the company.


The employee’s name and ID number, as well as the company’s address, should be included in the relieving letter sample. Other facts that must be included in the relieving letter include the date of resignation and the date from which the employee will be relieved, the employee’s conduct, a message of appreciation, the employer’s signature, name, and designation. The HR Manager or a representative of the HR department or the company writes a relieving letter sample. It is written to ensure that the employee has completed their notice period and has paid all dues and submitted all essential paperwork. If you want to know more about the relieving letter sample, contact eSahayak.

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