10 Reasons why Relieving Letter is Important

A relieving letter is a crucial record issued to a corporation at the time of leaving an enterprise. It is a manner of formal conversation among the enterprise and the corporation for accepting the resignation letter. It is a crucial record that each different enterprise desires for peer earlier than they become a member of the worried man or woman inside the present day enterprise.

Your relieving letter also can include a quick description of you defining the gentle abilities or control abilities. It relies upon absolutely on the person that is chargeable for issuing you the relieving letter, whether or not to encompass such facts. Often companies do now no longer continue in advance with the candidate profile regardless of being decided on thru the interview system if the candidate does now no longer accumulate a relieving letter.

A relieving letter is a proper way of alerting an worker that his or her resignation has been established and that she or he has been launched from the duties and responsibilities to which she or he changed into obligated with the aid of using the employment agreement that she or he signed. This letter have to be submitted to potential employers.

An fantastic relieving letter layout presents the becoming a member of date, annual CTC, designation, remaining operating details, and different critical employment details. It’s normally known as a revel in letter, and it’s one of the maximum critical files to have whilst an worker desires to circulate directly to the subsequent company, in which the letter might be applied as a heritage check.

The intention of issuing letters of experience or relief is almost the same. When an employee leaves the organization, they are sent a termination letter. In short, a termination letter is written proof that a person has performed their duties in a specific company, a specific position and within a specific period of time.

However, the problem is that most employees leave the company without even considering gaining experience or firing letters. They were so eager to settle their dues and join another organization, that they did not even consider the consequences they might encounter due to lack of experience. The letter of relief is very important because it is sent to employees who meet the notice period.

If an employee accidentally ignores the importance of the relief letter while escaping from the notice period, he will have to face serious complications while looking for other jobs. No matter where you go, all companies will require written proof of your working hours at the previous company. Without this evidence, no company is willing to take you seriously.


  1. A relieving letter is that professional file or communique that absolutely assures the brand new organisation that you are not related to the preceding organisation.
  2. Studies through recruitment businesses display that 91% of the personnel and managements throughout numerous domain names take go out guidelines seriously. This manner they’ll trouble relieving letters with diligence for the candidate’s benefit.
  3. Your relieving letter also can incorporate a quick description of your tender capabilities or management capabilities. This relies upon completely at the individual issuing the relieving letter, whether or not to consist of such data. When included, your relieving letter now no longer best says that you have give up your preceding enterprise however additionally talks a bit approximately yourself.
  4. This places you in higher mild professionally for your responsibility toward the firm and awareness.
  5. Several pinnacle agencies do now no longer continue with a candidate’s employment no matter being decided on via interview manner if the candidate does now no longer own a relieving letter. Research findings additionally display that extra than ninety percent of the agencies strain on a relieving letter at some point of recruitment. So why having a chance of not asking from your previous job which can harm your recruitment in next firm. A relieving letter stands as a pillar for taking walks with none troubles into your subsequent job.
  6. Your relieving letter from the preceding organisation indicates which you have cleared all of the dues and don’t have any paintings pending there.
  7. A relieving letter enables your new organisation to accept as true with you completely and start the paintings. Certain agencies by skip on exclusive data to their personnel.
  8. Relieving letter enables agencies to ensure that the worker who’s going to surrender is absolutely relieved from his responsibilities and isn’t wearing any of the employer’s facts or inner property.
  9. A relieving letter presentations the professionalism exhibited through the employer and the candidate. The layout of the relieving letter and its difficulty is critical for the brand new organisation to apprehend the expert heritage of its new recruit.
  10. A Relieving letter is critical for a smooth go out policy. Top agencies in numerous sectors opt for applicants with a relieving letter together with different files whilst getting into their employer.

The following Points or suggestions are required to recall whilst writing relieving letter and the receiver needs to check its presence in order to avoid any discrepancy or fraud :-

  • It must be issued on a agency or an enterprise letterhead. Generally, that is addressed to “TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN” except the worker has the precise character to be addressed.
  • It must reference the resignation letter of the worker and that the enterprise has customary it.
  • On the relieving letter, the ultimate publish held through the worker must be referred to.
  • The letter must speak undoubtedly approximately the worker and must supply credit score to his or her performance.
  • Date of becoming a member of and tenure of the worker desires to be referred to inside the letter. It must give up with a effective word and wishing fulfilment of their destiny endeavour. It must be written in a easy English language, and it must be stored professional.
  • The letter must now no longer have any slang words which can harm the prestige of the firm and the employee.
  • The satisfactory relieving letter layout must be a letter of verbal exchange so that it will assist the worker thrive of their destiny endeavours and now no longer act as a roadblock of their profession.
  • The letter must be issued most effective whilst the worker is leaving the enterprise; postpone in doing so will hose down the worker’s profession pursuits.

A relieving letter or relieving order request is issued through an worker to the organisation once they desire to depart the enterprise. Suppose the enterprise refuses to difficulty the relieving letter. In that case, it approach that the resignation of the worker isn’t always customary, and she or he remains an worker of the enterprise.


Frequently Asked Questions

The dismissal letter/relieving letter must be issued the same day that you leave the company. If the company does not issue a termination letter, it means that it does not accept your resignation and you are still an employee of the company before the company issues the termination letter.