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Relieving Letter

Relieving letters are given to employees who exit your company and the letter of relieving relinquishes all the responsibility of an employee towards your company and vice versa.

Every individual hopes to discover new changes that will allow them to expand their skillset and give them the necessary competencies for advancement. New opportunities need change, whether it be changing your company or your organization or going to pursue higher education. A Relieving Letter is one of those documents that you need to provide to get one step closer to your objectives.

Let us first understand what is a Relieving Letter format and what should be added to the Relieving Letter and how to make a Relieving Letter in minutes.

A relieving letter is a form of an official document given to an employee when he or she resigns, indicating that they have been freed of their duties. The new employer frequently requests relieving letters to guarantee that the employee fulfilled his or her notice period and departed the former employer after all essential formalities were completed.

What is a Relieving Letter?

A relieving letter is a formal manner of alerting an employee that his or her resignation has been accepted and that he or she has been released from the responsibilities and duties to which he or she was obligated by the employment contract that he or she signed. This letter must be submitted to prospective employers. An excellent relieving letter format provides the joining date, annual CTC, designation, last working details, and other important employment details. It’s commonly referred to as an experience letter, and it’s one of the most important documents to have when an employee wants to move on to the next company, where the letter will be utilized as a background check.

What are the Details Required in a Relieving Letter?

Knowing what a relieving letter should contain is a difficult assignment, but it is also vital for an employer. Not only should all of the necessary information about the candidate be provided, but it should also be done in a methodical and simple manner. So, if you’re wondering what is a correct relieving letter format here’s what should be added in a relieving letter-

  • Subject or Heading-In only one line, this section would summarise the letter’s main points. Otherwise, simply type ‘Relieving Letter’ in the subject line.
  • Date of Issue of the Relieving Letter- To avoid any misunderstandings, the first portion of the relieving letter format should include the date of the letter’s issue.
  • Details of Employee- Following the date, the departing employee’s personal information, including their complete name, employee ID, designation, department, and the organization’s name, must be mentioned.
  • Resiging details of Employee- It specifies the employee’s title as well as the date when they will be released from their duties to the organization.
  • Appreciation Statement- The relieving letter should reassure the employee that they will be paid in full and final within a particular time frame. Following the assurance, express gratitude for the employee’s contributions to the organisation and a word of appreciation wishing them well in their future endeavours.
  • Signature- After finishing the main content of the letter, sign the letter and include the name of the employer, designation, and date of issue at the bottom.

What is the Importance of the Relieving Letter?

As a professional, Relieving Letter is an important document for your future endeavors. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • You’ll need proof to show a future employer that you’ve left your former company.
  • Proof that you have paid off all of your prior employer’s debts
  • You must provide proof that you are not in possession of any company data or internal property.

Points to remember while drafting a Relieving Letter

While writing a relieving letter, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Relieving Letter should be issued on a company or an organization letterhead.
  • Relieving Letter should reference the resignation letter of the employee and that the organization has accepted it.
  • In the relieving letter, the last post held by the employee should be mentioned.
  • The Relieving Letter should be complimentary to the employee and acknowledge his or her accomplishments.
  • The letter should conclude on a positive note, wishing them well in their future endeavours.
  • Relieving Letter should be written in a simple English language, and it should be kept professional.
  • The Relieving Letter should not have any slang words.
  • The Relieving Letter should only be sent out when an employee is leaving the company waiting too long will jeopardise the person’s career prospects.

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Frequently asked Questions about Relievng Letter

Is relieving letter compulsory?

A relieving letter is not compulsorily needed but mainly shows a strong relationship between the employer and employee and comes useful for the employee when they will be pursuing their next employment.

Can the employer deny relieving letter?

Yes! An employer can deny relieving letter as they have the right to deny issuing a relieving and experience certificate.

How is a Relieving letter different from that of an Experience Letter?

In the relieving letter, the HR department of the organization confirms the employee about their resignation letter and notes the final date of employment whereas the experience letter states what kind of experience you have and the time duration from starting till ending.

Relieving Letter

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Relieving Letter

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