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Stand out from other employers with an impressive job offer. Our Offer Letter template can transform your hiring process, making it faster, more professional, and highly customizable, ensuring that your offer letters stand out and build trust with your potential employees, increasing the chances of offer letter acceptance.

It is tailored specifically for Indian businesses, whether you’re offering a full-time or part-time position, remote job or contractual job, we have got you covered.

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and hello to a new era of effortless hiring and employee paperwork. Join us as we delve into the future of recruitment, where speed, professionalism, and trustability are the cornerstones of business success.

Sample Offer Letter Template Format

Let’s first understand what things should be there in a professional offer letter.

An offer letter, in the context of employment, is a formal written document provided by an employer to a prospective employee. It serves several important purposes in the hiring process:

  1. Intention to Hire: An offer letter primarily serves as a formal communication from the employer to the candidate, expressing the intention to hire them for a specific job position. While it may outline some basic terms and conditions, such as salary, job title, and a proposed start date, it typically does not provide detailed employment terms and legal clauses.
  2. Terms and Conditions: An offer letter contains key terms and conditions of employment, such as the salary or hourly wage, work hours, benefits, and any applicable policies or procedures. It provides clarity to the candidate regarding what they can expect in terms of compensation and working conditions.
  3. Expectations: The letter may outline the expectations for the role, including job responsibilities, performance standards, and reporting relationships. This helps the candidate understand what will be required of them in their new position.
  4. Salary Package: The salary package section in an offer letter is a critical component, as it specifies the financial terms of the employment agreement. It outlines the candidate’s compensation, including the base salary, any bonuses or incentives, and the frequency of payment (e.g., monthly or bi-weekly).
  5. Working Schedule: The working schedule section of the offer letter provides information about the expected hours of work and the regular workdays. It typically outlines the employee’s daily or weekly work hours, including the start and end times. Additionally, it may specify any applicable shift rotations, if relevant to the position, and whether the job requires any overtime, weekend, or holiday work.
  6. Reference for Initial Agreement: Once accepted and signed by the candidate, the offer letter serves as a reference document confirming the initial agreement between the employer and the employee. However, it is important to note that comprehensive terms and conditions of employment, including legal protections, are usually detailed in a separate employment agreement or contract, which is typically created and signed after the acceptance of the offer letter.
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What problems do HRs and business owners face with offer letters and other employee documents?

  1. Time-Consuming Drafting: Crafting a legally sound offer letter from scratch can be a daunting task, taking up valuable hours that HRs could spend on more strategic tasks.

    Example: Imagine you’re an HR manager at a small but growing tech startup. Your company is expanding rapidly, and you find yourself spending hours drafting offer letters for each new hire. This leaves you with less time to focus on strategic HR initiatives, such as talent acquisition and employee engagement.

    eSahayak Solution: With eSahayak, you can create offer letters in a fraction of the time it would take to draft them manually. Our user-friendly interface guides you through the process, prompting you to input essential details about the candidate, position, salary, and benefits. Once your customized offer letter is ready, you can seamlessly send it out for signatures to the employee, making the entire process efficient and convenient. Whether you choose to deliver the offer letter electronically or at the employee’s doorstep for signatures, eSahayak offers flexible options to meet your needs. In just a few minutes, your offer letter is not only generated but also made easily accessible for the necessary approvals.
  1. Legal Compliance: Ensuring offer letters adhere to legal requirements, such as labor laws and regulations, can be a complex and error-prone process.

    Example: Picture this scenario: You’re an HR professional working for a multinational corporation with offices in different states. Each location has its own set of labor laws and regulations, making it challenging to ensure that offer letters comply with all the necessary legal requirements.

    eSahayak Solution: eSahayak simplifies legal compliance by offering customizable templates that automatically incorporate the latest legal provisions for your specific location.
  1. Inconsistent Documentation: Manual creation often leads to inconsistencies in the format and content of offer letters, potentially causing confusion among candidates and HR teams.

    Example: In a small business with a fast-paced hiring process, offer letters may be created by different team members, resulting in inconsistencies in formatting and content. This lack of uniformity can confuse candidates and create an unprofessional image.

    eSahayak Solution: eSahayak’s professionally designed templates maintain consistency in offer letter formatting and content. This ensures that every candidate receives a clear and professional offer letter, regardless of who generates it. Say goodbye to the days of mismatched fonts and misspelled pronouns.
  1. Signature Collection: Collecting signatures from both candidates and HR personnel can be a logistical nightmare, involving multiple rounds of printing, signing, and scanning.

    Example: Suppose you’re a small business owner who recently extended an offer to a top-tier candidate. You’re excited about the prospect of bringing them onboard, but collecting signatures becomes a logistical challenge. Your candidate lives in a different city, and mailing physical copies back and forth is impractical.

    eSahayak Solution: eSahayak simplifies signature collection with its digital signature feature. Candidates can electronically sign the offer letter from anywhere, using their computer or mobile device. HR personnel can also sign electronically, making the process smooth and efficient, even when dealing with remote candidates. Even if you need wet ink signatures, eSahayak will deliver the offer letter to your employee’s home.
  1. Data Security: Managing sensitive candidate information securely can be a concern, especially when handling physical copies or using unsecured document templates.

    Example: As an HR manager, you’re entrusted with sensitive candidate information, including personal details and salary offers. Storing these documents securely is a top priority to protect candidate privacy and comply with data protection regulations.

    eSahayak Solution: eSahayak prioritizes data security, employing encryption and stringent data protection measures. Your offer letters and candidate information are stored securely on our platform, safeguarding them from unauthorized access or data breaches. All your employee Legal paperwork is centralised and managed at one place with easy access on all of your devices.
💡 Ready to streamline your offer letter process? Get started with eSahayak for a smoother and more efficient offer letter creation experience!

How to create Offer Letter using eSahayak?

  1. Initiate the Process: To begin the process of obtaining your offer letter via eSahayak, simply click on the action button. This action will lead you to a user-friendly interface designed for your ease and convenience.
  2. Complete the Form: On this intuitive interface, you’ll find a form where you’ll be prompted to fill in your essential details. Whether you’re accessing our platform from your mobile phone or desktop computer, rest assured that our system is optimized for both. It’s crucial to provide accurate and comprehensive information during this step to ensure that your offer letter is precise and highly effective.
  3. Secure Payment: Once you’ve verified and submitted your details, the next step involves making a secure payment. Your transaction will be promptly confirmed, and as a result, you will gain immediate access to your offer letter.
  4. Delivery Options: At eSahayak, we believe in providing you with choices that cater to your preferences. You have the flexibility to receive your offer letter via WhatsApp for instant access. Alternatively, if you prefer a physical copy, we offer a doorstep delivery option. Your convenience is our priority, and we are dedicated to delivering your offer letter in the manner that best suits your needs.


eSahayak is your trusty sidekick in the world of HR documentation. We’re here to help you breeze through the hiring process, making offer letters, experience letters, relieving letters and employment agreements a walk in the park. So, why not give it a spin? With eSahayak, you’ll have more time for those well-deserved coffee breaks – or perhaps even time to master the art of latte art! Here’s to simplifying your HR journey and brightening your workday. Try eSahayak today, because life’s too short for paperwork headaches!

💡 Simplify HR paperwork with eSahayak today! Say goodbye to hassles and hello to more coffee breaks. Try it now!


What is the difference between an Employment Offer & Appointment Letter?

Employment Offer is the first step to get an employee on board and to express the interest of the company in hiring the candidate while appointment letter is given after offer letter.

Is Job Offer Letter Compulsory?

Currently, there is no central law that requires mandatory issuance of employment offer and appointment letter. Source: Indiatimes News

Is an offer letter legally binding?

An offer letter is not a legally binding contract. It’s more like a formal job invitation that outlines basic details like your job title, salary, and start date. It doesn’t lock you into the job, and you or the employer can withdraw your consent at any time. A real legally binding contract i.e. Employment Agreement, if there is one, comes later and has detailed terms about your job and what happens if things go wrong. So, an offer letter is just the beginning, not the final deal. Nowadays, some candidates use your offer letter to negotiate a higher salary with other employers. and sometimes employers also extend the joining date acccording to their changing business requirements….Infact, sometimes employers need to revoke the offer letter after acceptance as well because they no longer need that employee.

Are there different types of offer letters, such as for interns, contractors, part-time, and full-time employees?

Offer letters can be quite different depending on the type of job. They have special templates for interns, people who work part-time, contractors, and those who work full-time. When you use eSahayak, it does all the work for you. You just type in the employee’s information, choose the job terms, and it creates a good-looking offer letter that’s just right for your situation, right away.

What is probation period in an offer letter?

A probation period is a specific span of time at the beginning of your employment when both you and your employer have a chance to evaluate if the job is a good fit. During this period, you typically work under the terms and conditions outlined in the offer letter, but it’s often easier for either party to end the employment relationship if things aren’t going well. Once the probation period ends successfully, your employment usually continues as outlined in the employment agreement.

What is the difference between offer letter and appointment letter?

An offer letter is the initial communication sent to potential candidates, informing them that they are being considered for a job position. It serves as the first official notification. On the other hand, an appointment letter is provided only when candidates express their intention to accept the job, confirming their commitment to the position.

Can I create the offer letter for a teacher using eSahayak Offer Letter Template?

Absolutely, you can utilize the eSahayak Offer Letter Template to craft an offer letter for a teaching position or any other industry. It’s versatile and adaptable to meet the specific needs of various job roles.

Information Technology (IT):
Software Developer
System Administrator
Network Engineer
Registered Nurse
Medical Doctor
Healthcare Administrator
Financial Analyst
Investment Banker
School Principal
College Professor
Education Administrator
Production Manager
Quality Control Inspector
Manufacturing Engineer
Hospitality and Tourism:
Hotel Manager
Restaurant Chef
Event Coordinator
Sales and Marketing:
Sales Manager
Marketing Specialist
Digital Marketer
Human Resources (HR):
HR Manager
Training and Development Specialist
Store Manager
Retail Sales Associate
Visual Merchandiser
Legal Assistant
Construction and Engineering:
Civil Engineer
Construction Project Manager
Media and Entertainment:
Film Director
Entertainment Producer
Non-Profit and Social Services:
Social Worker
Non-Profit Executive Director
Government and Public Administration:
Government Administrator
Public Policy Analyst
City Planner
Energy and Environmental:
Environmental Scientist
Energy Analyst
Sustainability Manager
Transportation and Logistics:
Logistics Coordinator
Truck Driver
Airline Pilot
Fashion and Design:
Fashion Designer
Fashion Buyer
Interior Designer
Telecom Engineer
Customer Service Representative
Network Technician
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Pharmaceutical Researcher

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Offer Letter

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Offer Letter

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