Unveiling the Costs: Changing Your Name in India

Have you ever wondered about the process and costs associated with changing your name in India? Whether it's due to marriage, divorce, a change of gender, or simply a desire for a fresh start, altering your name involves a series of steps and, of course, some expenses.

Let's break down the costs of name change in India for different scenarios, in case you want to do it on your own without professional legal help.

Breakdown of costs involved in changing legal name in India

Stamp PaperA small but necessary expense to initiate the process.₹10 or ₹20
Typist FeesThis covers the professional services of a typist to prepare your documents accurately.₹150 - ₹500
Notary FeesNotary stamp on your name change affidavit by any public notary is mandatory. It ensures the authenticity of your name change affidavit.₹150 - ₹250
Publication Charges in NewspaperAnnouncing the change of you name in a newspaper is a formal requirement, and costs may vary.₹1000 to ₹3000
Preparing CD to store soft copy of your name change documentsDocumenting the process with a CD is an additional but nominal expense.₹100
eGazette FeeA crucial step for official recognition, the eGazette fee needs to be paid to the publication department to get your name change notification published in the Gazette.₹1100 + ₹250 extra (as per change and correction)
Courier ChargesTo send all your documents and CD to the Gazette department for publication of your name change notification.₹100 to ₹500
Special note for eGazette fees in case of Minors and NRIs
  • In Case of Minors (Age below 18), eGazette Fee is ₹1700 + ₹250 extra (as per change and correction)
  • In Case of NRIs (people living abroad for more than 183 days in the last 1 year), eGazette Fee: ₹7500 + ₹250 extra (as per change and correction)

So, the total expenses for getting your name change could range from ₹2860 to ₹10,000 depending on you are a Major (Age is more than 18), Minor or NRI.

Service Charges including Govt. Fees of Name Change service providers online

Company NameConsultation ChargesComplete Service ChargesService Completion Time
eSahayakFREE 599930-45 days
LawtendoConsultation not available 650030-45 days
Ezy Legal 100 699930-45 days
Vakil Search 299Complete Service Not AvailableComplete Service Not Available
Gazette Guru 1999Complete Service Not AvailableComplete Service Not Available
NameChange.inConsultation not available 700045 - 90 days
Service Charges of various name change service providers online as of January 19, 2024. We got this pricing information by reaching out to all these service providers and asking them questions as a customer.


To sum it up, changing your name in India is a big task with lots of paperwork and rules. We discussed how much it might cost for getting your name change in India. Doing it yourself is definitely an option but it will be the test of your time and patience.

That's why it's a good idea to consider companies that specialize in name change in India. They know what they're doing, and can help you get things done the right way in the first go.

Start your name change process with eSahayak today and we will make sure you have a very smooth experience in getting legal recognition of your new name :)