How to Write a Standout Job Offer Letter?

September 8, 2021

For any individual or organization, the recruitment process is often stressful and time-consuming. However, it is also a very important step from the perspective of the organization and should not be taken lightly. 

After having reviewed thousands of CVs and interviewing hundreds of applicants, you will finally have found a handful of candidates that are perfect for the job you are recruiting for. The next and possibly the most impactful step for you as the recruiting party would be to send out the offer letter for the job. 

In this blog, we will explain how you can write a job offer letter that stands out and inspires a sense of enthusiasm in your future employee. 

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What is a Job Offer Letter?

An offer letter for a job is a form of official communication provided from the company’s end to the newly hired employees. It may vary from company to company how the job offer is revealed to the candidates but it is often in the form of either an email or verbally through the phone. Ultimately, it is always followed by an official job offer in the form of a letter. This official letter outlines the important details about the job and represents the basic responsibilities of the employee and of the company. The purpose of a job letter is to give a general idea to the employee about what it is like to be working with the organization. 

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When should the job offer letter be sent out?

One of the concluding steps of the hiring process is to finalize the decision on who to hire. Once the candidates have been selected, it is advisable to contact them as soon as possible. However, one thing to keep in mind is that the official job offer letter should always be preceded by an oral agreement made via phone or in person. Only after the negotiation of the starting date, salary, and other such details has been completed should the job offer letter be sent out. 

Finally, it is always a courteous act to contact the unsuccessful candidates and inform them that the positions have been filled up.

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Contract of Employment vs Job Offer Letter

A contract of employment is a signed agreement made between the employer and the employee. It is very similar to a job offer letter in the sense that it is a signed letter that provides a sense of security and legal protection to both parties. However, the two should not be used interchangeably. A job offer is merely a document that confirms that an employee has been selected by the company for the final role. It briefly lays out the details about the job. 

The employment contract is a separate document that clearly describes the terms and conditions of the work. Although, it is not required to provide a contract of employment that is different from a job offer letter, yet they are often handed out as separate documents. This is only to make the hiring process seem less intimidating for the employees.

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What Should a Job Offer Letter Include?

Depending on your company, who you are hiring, and what role you are hiring for, the job offer letter can greatly vary. However, to serve its purpose efficiently, there are some aspects that should always be included in the letter.

  1. Details about the job
    The opening few lines should be clear and concise, carefully laying out the basic information pertaining to the job. This includes the job title along with a brief description of the job and who the employee will be reporting to. Furthermore, it should also mention the starting date, working hours, and the length of the contract if that is applicable. 
  2. Salary
    It should be mentioned in the job offer letter what the expected salary is and how frequently it will be paid. It is also worth mentioning how the payment will be made. If applicable, in this section you would also mention any bonuses or commission structures.
  3. Benefits
    To have a competitive compensation that makes your job offer stand out from the rest, employee benefits are highly important. A job offer letter should always mention them as plainly as possible. Usually, this section includes information such as health benefits, insurance plans, paid leaves, retirement plans, and any other benefits offered.
  4. Next Steps
    The final component of a well-written job offer letter is the last paragraph that contains instructions on how to accept the job offer and what the next steps would be for the employee after having accepted the offer. Here you should also add how you would like the employee to contact you in case of any further questions.

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How to Personalize a Job Offer Letter?

Although the pointers given above are common to any job offer, yet it is uncommon for job offers to look alike. Specifically, if you would like for your job offer to stand out and be more appealing to your future employees, there should be a hint of personal touch in each of your offer letters. 

At the end of the multiple stages of the recruitment process, it is likely that you know a great deal about the potential candidates that you are offering a position to. This should make it easier to add an aspect of exclusive detail that is only applicable to that particular candidate. 

Possibly, try and feature an impressive moment or a memorable conversation that in your opinion made the candidate stand out. To make the offer letter more appealing to the candidate, show your enthusiasm and excitement to be welcoming them on board and having them be a significant part of your company.

Personalizing a job offer letter is an excellent opportunity to showcase the culture of your company. It can be used to give the candidate a better feel of what to expect as a member of the organization. 

How to Respond to a Job Offer Letter?

As an employee that has recently been selected for a job opportunity, you may be wondering what the proper way to respond to a job offer is. These are a few tips you can keep in mind whether you are accepting an offer or rejecting one.

Accepting a Job Offer

Often before receiving a job offer letter, you would have had verbal communication with the hiring party about your offer and you would already have stated your intentions of accepting the offer. At the time of verbal communication, clearly inform the recruiter that you accept the offer to join the company. Convey to them that you will follow up with a written confirmation. 

When you receive the offer letter, follow the given instructions if any, and promptly reply to the letter confirming that you have accepted the offer. Always be courteous and thank the recruiting team and express your eagerness to be joining the organization.

Rejecting a Job Offer

Before you decline a job offer, always spend some time reflecting and considering all your options. Do not make any hasty decisions. Is there a possibility of negotiating the terms of the offer? If so, never hesitate to ask. However, if things still do not work or if you think the company is not the best fit for you, there is always the option of rejecting the job offer. Write a polite and professional email where you thank everyone who was involved in the hiring process and graciously decline the offer. 

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