How to get jamabandi in Assam?

What is Jamabandi?

A Jamabandi, also called the Record-of-Rights (RoR), is a crucial land record document in Assam. It establishes the ownership of land, specifies the type of land, its area, cultivation details, and tax information. Jamabandis are essential documents for:

  • Land Transactions: When buying or selling land.
  • Seeking Loans: As collateral when obtaining loans from financial institutions.
  • Legal Disputes: Provides evidence of ownership in court cases.
  • Government Schemes: Applying for various agricultural and land-based government initiatives.

Why Jamabandi is so Important?

The Jamabandi holds immense importance in Assam. There are many reasons of why someone needs Jamabandi of their land:

  • Proof of Ownership: The Jamabandi legally establishes your title to a particular piece of land.
  • Basis for Taxation: Land revenue and taxes are calculated based on the information in the Jamabandi.
  • Essential for Transactions: It's an essential document when selling, buying, or mortgaging land.
  • Key for Government Schemes: Eligibility for many government agricultural schemes and benefits depend on your Jamabandi records.
  • Obtaining Loans: Banks and financial institutions consider the Jamabandi as collateral for loans.
  • Resolving Disputes: Provides legal evidence of ownership in land-related court cases.
  • Availing Crop Insurance: Required to insure crops under various government schemes.
  • Planning and Development: Government agencies use Jamabandi data for land use planning and development projects.
  • Ancestral Land: Jamabandi is used to check the ownership of an ancestral land or any other land
  • Buy/ Sell of any Land: Required at Registrar’s office when sale transaction of the land is being done.

Step by Step procedure to get Jamabandi in Assam

There are two ways to obtain your Jamabandi in Assam:

1. Online Method

Any individual can view the jamabandi online using this method.

  • Visit the official revenue department portal at https://revenueassam.nic.in/
  • Dharitree or ILRMS: Look for the "Jamabandi" or "Land Records" section.
  • Select your district, circle, and village/town. Use the first letter of the village name to search.
  • Enter Dag and Patta Number: Enter your specific plot's Dag number (plot number) and Patta number (land ownership document number).
  • View: Your Jamabandi will be displayed.

In case, any landlord wants to download the certified copy of Jamabandi Online, then he/she can obtain it using this method:

  1. Open Official Seva Setu Website
  2. Follow the instruction and create a new citizen account.
  3. After the successful creation of account, login and search “Certified Copy of Jamabandi”
  4. Fill the required details like District, Circle, Urban/ Rural Area, Patta Type and Patta Number to get the certified copy of Jamabandi.
  5. Download the certified copy of Jamabandi.

2. Offline Method

  • Visit the Circle Office: Go to your local Circle Office – the administrative unit responsible for land records in your area.
  • Application Form: Submit an application form along with the following: ISSUE-OF-RECORDS-OF-RIGHT-JAMABANDI-ASSAM.pdf
    • Land Revenue Receipt: Provide an up-to-date land revenue receipt or land revenue clearance certificate for your land.
    • Identification: A valid form of identification (Aadhaar card, Voter ID, etc.).
    • Fees: Pay the required nominal fees of Rs. 50 for obtaining the Jamabandi copy.

What are the details/ information present in Assam’s Jamabandi?

A typical Jamabandi in Assam will include the following details:

  • Owner's Name: The name of the rightful landowner, father’s name and Address.
  • Dag Number: Both Old and New unique plot identification number.
  • Patta Number: The land ownership document number.
  • Land Classification: Specifies the land type (agricultural, residential, commercial, etc.).
  • Area: The total measurement of the land parcel.
  • Cultivation Details: The crops grown on the land (if applicable).
  • Tax Information: Land revenue and taxes associated with the property.
  • Loans: Details of loan taken by the landowner

Who can get Certified Copy of Jamabandi in Assam?

While anyone can access the Jamabandi, obtaining a certified copy requires the submission of a Land Revenue Clearance receipt. Furthermore, only the certified copy is valid for completing land sale transactions.

However, there are specific conditions under which a certified copy of Jamabandi may be denied:

  • Ownership Disputes: If there are ongoing disputes or legal challenges regarding the ownership of the land, the Circle Office will likely not issue a certified Jamabandi copy until the dispute is resolved. This is to prevent fraudulent claims or misuse of land records.
  • Government Land: Land classified as owned by the Assam Government or designated as 'assigned land' (land granted for specific purposes) may not have individual Jamabandi records. The ownership and management of such lands rests with the government, not private individuals.

How much time it takes to get Jamabandi in Assam?

  • Online: Jamabandis are usually available instantly for viewing and download.
  • Offline: The processing time may take a few days to a week, depending on your Circle Office’s Workload.

What is the fee for obtaining the copy of Jamabandi in Assam?

Type of FeesAmount
Application FeeRs. 20
Convenience FeeRs. 10
Service charge (through PFC/CSC)Rs. 30
Printing charge (in case of any printing from PFC/CSC)Rs. 10
Scanning charge (in case documents are scanned in PFC/CSC)Rs. 05

So, If you wish to obtain a certified copy of the Jamabandi online, it will require a fee of Rs. 30. Alternatively, if you choose to acquire it through any CSC Centre, it depends upon the scanning and printing needs.

Now, if you are in need of a certified copy of your Jamabandi in Assam, click on “Get Jamabandi Now” and fill in the required details, submit your request, and within 24 hours, we will send your certified copy of Jamabandi on your WhatsApp.