How to get encumbrance certificate in Telangana online?

Buying or selling property in Telangana? Before you sign on the dotted line, there's one crucial document you absolutely need – an Encumbrance Certificate (EC). This official record tells you everything about the legal and financial history of a property, ensuring you're making a secure and informed investment.

An Encumbrance Certificate in Telangana is a crucial legal document that indicates whether a property has any outstanding mortgages, legal claims, unpaid dues, or other liabilities. It serves as proof that the property has a clear and marketable title.

How to apply for an Encumbrance Certificate in Telangana Online?


  • Search for Encumbrance Certificate option
  • Fill in the Name of District, SRO, Period for which EC is required, Mandal, Village, Applicant Name, Property Owner Name, Mobile Number and Delivery Type i.e. Manual or Postal.
  • Fill in the North, South, East, West boundary details, Postal Address and Permanent Address and click on “Show Payment”.
  • After making payment, you will receive a reference number against your application. You may use this number to track the status of your application.


  • Visit the nearest Sub-Registrar's Office.
  • Obtain Form 22, fill it out, and submit it with required documents and fees. Required documents are:
    • Property documents like Title Deed, Sale Deed, Partition Deed or Gift Deed
    • Address Proof and KYC details such as Aadhaar Card
  • After the submission you will receive a reference number and you can track the application.

How to search an EC in Telangana Online?


Frequently Asked Questions

Transparency in Transactions
An EC promotes transparency in property transactions, ensuring that the buyer is fully aware of all financial or legal obligations attached to the property they intend to purchase.
Avoiding Disputes
Obtaining an EC helps prevent future disputes and litigation stemming from unknown encumbrances like bank loans or court cases against the property.
Loan Approval
Financial institutions often mandate an EC before approving a loan against a property. This assures them that there are no other claims on the property.

Now, if you are in need an Encumbrance Certificate in Telangana, click on “Get EC Now” and fill in the required details, submit your request, and within 6 - 7 days, we will send your Encumbrance Certificate directly on your WhatsApp.