What is the Significance and Content of an experience certificate?

August 10, 2021

This article talks about the significance of an Experience Certificate, the contents of a letter of experience, and an experience letter format to assist people in framing the document. 

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An Experience Letter/ Certificate issued by an institution. It is a formal document on the Institution’s Letterhead. It confirms the tenure and mentions the skills and experience gained during their time spent with the company.

The Job experience letter may include the level of contribution in the work role and their strengths. 

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Purpose of an Experience Certificate

The purpose of an experience certificate would facilitate the employee towards validation of their association. It provides a gist on the job description which the employee has served.

This certificate will further aid the employee in their future endeavors and showcase their skillsets, track record of their work role, and expertise over a period of time. 

When an employee pursues a new job opportunity, one of the valuable documents amongst many other documents they should include in their portfolio is the previous Work Experience Letter(s).

Usually, the job experience letter is provided to the employee upon the completion of tenure and/ or at the time of parting. 

Though there is no standard or mandatory format of the Experience Certificate, every institution could follow their particular format.

Contents of a Letter of Experience are as follows

  • Date when the Certificate is being issued
  • Recipient (Usually the recipient will be generic in the name of “To Whom-So-Ever This May Concern”)
  • Employees’ Name 
  • Role or Designation
  • Joining Date
  • Resignation Date
  • Date of last working day of association with the Institution
  • Job Responsibilities – Functional, Technical of the roles and responsibilities
  • A word of appreciation and wishes on the Employee’s future endeavors

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Important points

  • The Institution letterhead with the name of the Institution must be at the top of the letter. The other details like address, contact number, email-id, internet portal world-wide-web address, and the Institution Registration number must also be on the letterhead.
  • Name of the employee with their address along with roll-number or Employee Number must be printed on the Experience Certificate.
  • Details of the employment: last designation/ position of the employee, their tenure of association with the institution, the key responsibilities (KRAs/ KPIs) carried out by the employee during the tenure of association.
  • The document must also contain a reference number towards checking the document towards veracity by the recipient.
  • And finally, the ending statement should be a formal wish on the employee’s future endeavors.  

An Experience Certificate Format is below for your reference: 


Hello <Recipient Name>,

<Receipient’s Address>

This is to inform whomsoever it may concern and certify that <Name of the Employee> was working as a full-time employee with XYZ Group of Companies situated at <Address-of-the Institution>. His designation at the time of relieving was <Final Title> in the <Department-Name> from <Date-of-Joining> to <Date-of-Relieving>. 

During his tenure of association, we observed and certify <Name of the Employee> to be professional, knowledgeable, and result-oriented with excellent and in-depth knowledge on both theory and practical understanding of our requirements. 

<Name of the Employee> has successfully completed many job-related training programs administered by the training department of the company. He has been a great team player, a positive and friendly attitude with his peers, great personality with an excellent sense of humor, 

 <Name of the Employee> had been enthusiastic during their work role as an independent, and in the team, performing their duties, responsibilities with all cheerfulness. They left the Institution on their own to pursue better career development 

I am certain that he would be a great asset in any Enterprise. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to check on the veracity of this document or have any specific questions regarding his employment.

On behalf of our Institution, I, the undersigned, take this opportunity to wish <Name of the Employee> all the very best in their future endeavours.




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How to create an Experience Letter online?

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An Experience Letter Sample is given below.

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What happens when an experience letter from company is not provided? 

Well, in most cases, an experience letter from company is given. The employee must ask for it, as well. If an experience letter is not provided, add your previous employer as your reference and ensure your credibility while you are at it. 

The experience certificate doc consists of the date of joining and the date of leaving (the tenure spent in the organization). Adding achievement, intrinsic qualities on how the performance of work, etc., adds value to the letter. 

For example, giving two-liner information of promotional details, workplace qualities, and achievements aids your credibility. 

A work experience letter is issued to an employee, by the Human Resource Department. 

The experience certificate doc certifies the skills, work habits, and traits of the employee. It is imperative to exit amicably and the employee would require it at the time of leaving the organization. 

Employers need this to verify and attest to their previous employment. Hence, HR drafts it with utmost care and precision.

How important is the Work Experience Letter?

Companies issue the document along with the content of an experience certificate to their employees to provide valid information on their tenure and in what capacity they served the company.

Currently, when an individual applies for a job, they mention their credentials and experience on their CV or Resume, but employers ask for an experience certificate to attest to the experience. Authenticity and truthfulness matter. 

Several times an applicant may mention extensive experience, but do not hold that much experience. This is why a Work Experience Letter holds a lot of importance. 

What is the significance of this letter? 

The letter consists of content that is actual proof of your experience that will help in getting better job opportunities.

Not only is it for career enhancement and growth, but visa processing if going abroad for a job. Normally, employers provide the letter when employers leave the job. 

However, if you are not issued one, even after a request, then you might have to submit a written request. 

The experience letter helps in future references and will attest to your resume and CV. 

Additional contents of an Experience Certificate are as follows: 

  • the tenure you served with the company 
  • the position you held 
  • qualities on how you performed your tasks
  • your conduct 
  • remarks, if any. 

Apart from the above details, your experience letter can mention how hardworking you are, your skillset and its implementation. This is a document that supports your CV, acts like an evidence. This makes your experience letter as important as any other document. The employers are responsible to issue the document at the time of leaving the job.

The format of the letter is crucial as well, it must be drafted accurately. This helps in the aesthetic and looks pleasing, as follows an outline that looks professional. 

If you follow the above format – you will be able to draft the letter in a professional manner. The letter must be written on the letterhead of the company issuing the document, it adds to the authenticity of the letter. Furthermore, it helps to differentiate between original and fake experience letters. This has an impact on one’s integrity.

Lastly, What is the difference between the relieving letter and the experience letter? 

There is a difference. A Relieving letter is a document when the candidate resigns from office. The HR Department confirms the employee’s resignation and regards the final date of employment. 

The experience letter, however, states the experience, time duration, provides proof, and helps the employee to enhance their career. 

You can get a job without a relieving letter, not without an experience letter. You cannot get a job without both the letters as well – you will be considered a fresher in the industry. 

The company’s stamp is crucial and an authorized signatory is mandatory on the experience letter. Without those two concluding aspects, the letter will be null and void. 

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