6 Best Websites to prepare the “Last Will and Testament”?

November 5, 2021

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Everyone should be prepared for the inevitable and so you have decided to create a will. But how and where? Is the thought of continuous visits to the lawyer’s office making you tired already or do you feel a hole burning into your pocket when you think about the lawyer’s payment?

STOP! you don’t need to pay thousands of rupees to a lawyer just to create your Will. You can easily make one online within minutes at the comfort of your home!

So, What is the best platform to create a will? You ask well then you are at the right place. Here we have answers to all your questions.

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What is an online will?

In this digital age, it is not surprising to have everything shift to the virtual world. Previously one had to hire a lawyer to make their will, but now one can easily make a will via the internet. Online wills are the contemporary version of the traditional will and testament.

Online websites and agencies are providing will making services, that help you draft, sign and print your last will and testament via the internet. They have made it easier for you to leave your legacy just like you want. 

Are online wills legitimate?

Yes, online wills are legitimate if they comply with the laws of the country. Many online will makers hire licensed advisors or legal experts who guide and review the will-making process to ensure they are legally valid. Keep in mind that not all online will makers are equal.

Since the Internet gives worldwide access, it is easy to come across fraudulent websites and online agencies during the process. Therefore it becomes necessary to understand all the guidelines and procedures and choose the right platform before you sit down to make your will. 

Generate Your Will Now

By the comfort of your home

Do you need more than an online will maker?

An online will maker is enough to sustain on its own. however, it may not be sufficient to address an exceptional situation. Online will makers are useful for those who have a fair amount of assets and a simple asset distribution plan.

If an individual has complex circumstances like – multiple marriages, spread out assets, stepchildren or more than one source of income then it is best to consult a legal advisor.

How does an online will maker work?

An online will maker helps draft a will using the agency’s software. The software will either insert your relevant details in an already made will template or help with a customizable will draft. You just have t provide certain details including a list of your assets, an executor- responsible for executing the will, a trustee, your beneficiaries and your power of attorney.

Different online will makers provide guidance as to what needs to be done through email, telephonic conversation or on-site chatting assistance. Details and documents required may vary from agency to agency. Various online makers also have options to formulate legal documents other than a will.

Generate Your Will Now

By the comfort of your home

Online will making process

The procedure for creating an online will is almost similar for all service providers with minor differences.

  • Register with the e-will website with your basic personal details like name, phone number, email id etc
  • Login with your login credentials
  • Fill out the necessary details about your residential status (resident of India or NRI), your assets, family members, executor, beneficiaries, asset distribution plan etc
  • While filling in the details one can also make a specific bequeath.
  • Based on the data the service provider will draft a will. one revise and review before the final submission
  • Generate your e-will and receive it through email or printed and home-delivered. 
  • Sign the will and get an attestation from two witnesses

What is the best platform to create a will?

it is important to choose the right platform before you begin to write your will. Having the right will maker software at your disposal you can create a will specific to your needs with top-rated options, complete guidance, necessary tools and documents. Depending on the agency you might get a free update or edit and there is no need to get a legal advisor. given below are some legal software and agencies providing e-will services.


Ezeewill is an online will maker drafted by expert professional legal advisors. Its features include-

  • Interaction with legal expert via phone or email
  • Complete guidance on the drafting of the will
  • Drafted by legal experts
  • Online, offline payment options
  • Home delivery of final will 
  • Provision for the overseas courier (additional charges)
  • Registration of will (additional charges)
  • Modifications at discounted price
  • Simple and convenient process
  • Assured confidentiality


eSahayak is an online platform where you can generate your will in a matter of minutes. It is the most affordable solution in the market.


Willjini helps throughout the whole process of will drafting. On the site, one can access different types depending upon the needs of the customer at affordable costs. Willjini assures secrecy of personal details and reliable knowledge-based services. Willjini also offers executorship services, asset distribution plans and will translation. 

Indian Will Maker

Indianwillmaker is a simple will drafting service provider. It provides useful and high-quality service at affordable prices. This agency however does not engage legal advisors and therefore does not provide professional advice in any capacity.  


Legaldesk is an online platform for making legal documents online. Nearly ll legal documents are accessible on the site catering to all legal needs. This site can be used without needing any intervention from any legal expert and you can get a customized will within minutes. It has the following features-

  • Easy access to numerous documents
  • Proper Instructions at every stage
  • Updated with trends and amendments
  • Safety and security

SBICAP Trustee

The SBICAP Trustee company limited is an owned subsidiary of SBICAPITAL Market Limited. It provides will-making services using the latest technology and support from legal experts. This online process offers hassle-free service anytime as well as will reviewing assistance.

  • Its features include-
  • Safety security and trust
  • Multiple will formats
  • Flexible timing
  • Expert legal advice
  • 24/7 services

Given below is a comparative analysis of the above-stated agencies. Click here to know more about the cost of making a will in India.

AgencyPriceLegal AdviceAdditional Information
WilljiniRs 1500-Express
Rs 4000- Standard
Yes (Standard will)60 Day window for changes
EzeewillRs 25,000-Phone/ Email Will
Rs 60,000- Doorstep Will
YesWill Registration- Rs 8500
Overseas Courier- Rs 1000
LegaldeskRs 1999-Draft
Rs 3499-Delivery+Print
NoDoorstep Delivery within 2-4 Days
IndianwillMakerRs 1400-1st Will
+Rs 900 for Consecutive Wills
No30 Day window for changes
SBICAP TrusteeSelf Generated Will- Rs 2500+Taxes
Assisted Will- Rs 8000+Taxes (only Mumbai)
Yes (only for Assisted Will)Will Registration- Rs 1500-3000
Additional meeting- Rs 2500- Rs 1,00,000
eSahayakRs 349 (50% off)YesDraft Preview
Nominal Charges
Access to related Forms
Comparison Table: best platform to create a will.

Generate Your Will Now

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What are the Pros and cons of making an online will?


  • Making a will online is less time consuming and saves the multiple visits you will have to make to the lawyer’s office
  • Online will can be made secretly without anyone’s knowledge. Some service providers offer services through a mobile application that can be accessed anywhere anytime.
  • Online will makers often provide 30-60 window for completion of the process and additional time to make changes
  • Just like a physical will, an online will can be altered easily sometimes with discounts 
  • A simple online will costs anywhere from Rs 0- Rs 4000. If you hire a lawyer you will have to give a consultation fee in addition to the cost of drafting a will.


  • Due to lack of human interference, one must take utmost care while providing details about assets, name of beneficiaries, executor etc. because a slight detail can be missed out since there is no human review. Each detail needs to be accurate.  
  • Data confidentiality, security and reliability is another issue. Unlike a legal advisor, who has a sense of duty and is unlikely to breach his client’s privacy, online platforms have almost zero accountability and a similar level of safety might not be achievable.
  • Not all online will makers provide legal advice. Legal experts and lawyers can advice you about more than just your will. They might help pinpoint inconsistencies in your legacy planning.
  • Online will makers might not have the required expertise in preparing documents. Such online sites might use vague language in their documents and templates.

Are online Wills secure?

Internet having worldwide access complete protection of your details cannot be assured. That’s why it’s important to choose the right platform or software while dealing with personal details. The right agencies and websites will keep their client’s information safely encrypted in the database and will automatically delete them after the procedure is complete.

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What If you go the DIY route?

Formulating your own will is easy and inexpensive in fact in some cases even free of cost. But there are certain conditions under which this step shall be taken. For example, a DIY will might not be beneficial to those with large estates or beneficiaries since many minute details might get missed out. Similarly having a complex plan of succession or different sources of income might cost more of your time and money than creating an online will. Another obstacle that might arise is your lack of legal knowledge and the trends in legislation.

Is eSahayak a good place to create a will?

Yes, eSahayak is the best way to create a will. eSahayak offers one of the most affordable means to create legal documents. You can easily draft a professional will within minutes at the comfort of your house. All eSahayak documents are legally valid and vetted. The fees charged are nominal. The documents are plain English and Free of heavy jargon. You can also gain knowledge about related topics through on-site blogs. The website is always updated with legal trends.

It is a one-stop solution for all your Government and legal documents. You are just one click away from saving your time and money. Click here to begin the process.

Generate Your Will Now

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