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sublease agreement

A sublease agreement is a contract between an existing lease’s current tenant (sublessor) and a new renter (referred to as a subtenant).

The terms and conditions of the original lease apply to the subtenant in a sublet. Furthermore, the original renter is completely liable for all damages, rent payments, and any violations of the original lease agreement. Sublease Contracts, Sublease Forms, and Sublease Rental Agreements are all terms used to describe a sublease agreement.

In California’s sublease agreement, a landlord can expressly restrict a tenant from entering into a sublease arrangement by including a clause in the original lease, while certain municipal authorities may still allow it. 

Unless relevant local legislation indicates differently if the original lease does not contain language allowing the tenant to engage in a sublease, the original tenant (sublessor) in California should acquire formal approval from the landlord to do so.

A sublet agreement in Florida is a contract between the original tenant (the sublessor) and a new renter who is not a part of the original lease (the sublessee). 

The sublessor is still responsible for adhering to the conditions of the original lease but also functions as a landlord by collecting rent from the sublessee and holding them liable for any violations of the sublease agreement. 

Because Florida law does not expressly prohibit or authorise subleasing, the terms of the original lease will determine whether or not a sublease is permissible.

Who Is In Charge Of A Sublease?

The tenant is the one who is in charge of a sublet. The tenant will deal directly with the sub-tenant because the tenant is subleasing the property. The sub-tenant will not have any legal relations with the property owner or manager.

As a result, tenants must understand the level of risk they are taking on when subleasing a house, apartment, or piece of land. Failure to choose the correct subtenant or to write an insufficient sublease agreement can lead to serious financial and legal problems. 

Before you get into a sublease agreement with a potential sub-tenant, you should look into the legality of subleasing in your city, county, or state.

Tenant/Landlord Laws in New York allow renters to sublease their flats, and the landlord cannot decline the offer without cause. Sublease agreements must also be at least 30 days long, and the renter must have the landlord’s consent.

Involved Parties in a Sublet Agreement:

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The following parties are involved in a sublease agreement:

  • The first tenant’s lease was created by the property owner.
  • The sublandlord is the original tenant who signed the landlord’s initial lease and is now engaging in a sublease arrangement with another tenant, known as a subtenant, for the use of a portion of the full rental property.
  • The subtenant, who is entering into a sublease arrangement with the original tenant to temporarily lease part or all of the property.
  • The “sublessor” refers to the original tenant, whereas the “sublessee” refers to the subtenant.

How to Write a Sublease Agreement?

When establishing a basic sublease agreement, be sure to include the following sections:


The address and description of the rented residence. When writing a sublease agreement, the first step is to define the property and give the address. It’s critical to determine if the subtenant will be renting a single room or the complete rental property.

Tenant and Subtenant Names: 

The original tenant’s and new subtenant’s names, as well as the original tenant’s address, must be provided in the sublease agreement form.

Describe the Sublease’s Term:

Determine the length of time you want to rent the property to your subtenant. This is referred to as the sublease’s “term.” The subtenant does not have to lease the rental property for the same amount of time as the original tenant. It might be month-to-month or for a defined period, for example.

Landlord Approval: 

If the original lease stipulates, the tenant must obtain written permission from the landlord.

Sublease Security Deposit: 

The amount that the subtenant must pay as a damage deposit.

Late Fees: 

How much the subtenant must pay in addition to the rent if it is not paid on time.


In addition to the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) need to disclose the probable hazard of lead-based paint if the structure was built before 1978, applicable state law may require specific disclosures to be provided to the sublessee in the sublease agreement. 

If the rental property in question was built before 1978, a formal Lead-Based Paint Disclosure is needed in New York, advising the sublessee that the premises may contain lead-based paint. In addition, notifications about bed bugs (which are only required in New York City) and the presence (or absence) of a working fire sprinkler system must be included.


If utilities are included or whether the subtenant is responsible for them. Whether or not the premises will be equipped is a factor to consider.


In most cases, the subtenant is not permitted to make any changes to the premises. Smoking, dogs, and subletting others if they are all prohibited under the policies.

Sign and Date: 

The sublessee, sublessor, and landlord should all sign and date the paper in the proper spot. A third party must also witness the arrangement. If the original lease or inventory checklist is attached, the sublessor and landlord must also initial.

To see if you’re authorized to sublease your flat, look over your original lease agreement. Before subletting, it’s best if a renter has formal consent from their landlord.

If you fill out a Florida sublease agreement, for example, you will be accountable for your subtenant and liable for any lease breaches.

A sublessor is responsible for upholding the terms of the sublease agreement (as well as the original lease) and adhering to all Florida laws governing the eviction procedure, security deposits, and other landlord-tenant issues.


What is the difference between living with a roommate and living with a subtenant?

The most significant distinction between a roommate and a subtenant is the sort of rental agreement they have signed:


A roommate is a person who shares a rented property with you and is usually a signatory to a lease agreement. People who share a rental in this manner may sign a roommate agreement to spell out their duties.


A subtenant is a person who is a signatory to a sublease agreement and who rents property from a tenant rather than a landlord.

What is subletting?

Knowing what subletting is can help you make a better-educated decision before entering into a sublease arrangement. In a nutshell, subletting is the act of renting out a presently rented property to a new renter. The physical property being subleased is referred to as a sublet.

Is it against the law to sublet?

In a nutshell, no, subletting is not prohibited. It is lawful to sublease an apartment, home, room, or any other property that you are already renting if you receive essential authorization from your landlord and follow your state and local government’s subletting rules.

Even if your contract expressly prohibits it, certain state and municipal laws enable you to sublease a home you’re renting. In other areas, however, if the sublessor and subtenant did not acquire authorization to sublease, the landlord can evict or even sue them. Always double-check your local laws.


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