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You may be asked to verify where you reside by a court or a company at times. An Affidavit of Residence may be the correct document for you if you need to verify your residence to move your children’s school district, present documentation for a court or other institution, or verify the residence of a deceased individual.

A proof of residency letter, also known as an affidavit of residence, is a sworn declaration that a person lives at a certain location. 

What is Affidavit of Residency?

A Residency Affidavit is a legal document that may be used to prove your residency and that of anybody living with you. An affidavit is frequently used in response to a request for verification of residency from a school, financial institution, court, or other agency.

You might need to utilize this Affidavit pdf to confirm where someone resided before they died. 

Before releasing a deceased family member’s accounts or assets, several authorities or institutions frequently require you to prove the family member’s residence. A copy of the death certificate may be requested as an attachment to the Affidavit in this situation.

This is frequently required to establish residency in the state. If there is no extra documentation (e.g., a utility bill, a wage stub, a driver’s license), it is advised that the proof of residency letter be notarized.

How do you draft evidence of residence to create an Affidavit of Residence?

To write a Proof of Residency, we must first complete certain paperwork and follow the proper method. 

The most crucial elements to mention in your affidavit of residency are the signature of your landlord and supporting papers such as your current lease agreement, property purchase contract, and a current utility bill, and then you may have it notarized. Most organizations also require a notarized Affidavit of Residence.

You should consult your landlord and notary before drafting an affidavit of residency. You can’t go any farther without their permission. Because it is a basic document, some of the processes listed below can be used to write it:

  • Header: “Affidavit of Residence” or “Proof of Residence” should be the letter’s header. It should be huge and bold in appearance.
  • The letter should be dated: It should be dated because it is an official document. Two lines below the centred header, aligned to the right, must be written the date.
  • Information about how to contact us: It should include the following information: complete legal name, address, phone number, and email address. It should be written below the header and positioned to the left of the topic.
  • Addressing a firm or a specific person: It’s the place where your residence letter begins. Begin your residence letter by thanking the person, corporation, or institution that requested the Affidavit of Residence.

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How to Prove Residency?

The easiest approach to establish your residency is to show that you live where you claim to live by providing documentation from other parties.

The applicant or the individual signing the affidavit may be required to obtain information from third parties to verify that he or she resides in a certain location, such as:

  • An employer’s statement shows that a person has been working from a certain location.
  • A statement from the landlord stating that he or she has lived in a certain rental property for a given period of time.
  • A family member’s statement 
  • A doctor’s statement showing that he or she has been treating the individual

Any papers requested or necessary to support the residency claim should be included by the author. It’s always best to have the most recent and up-to-date documentation available.

You can use a variety of papers as evidence of address. These papers’ names, as well as their numbers, can be used in a letter of residence to acquire a residency affidavit. 

Utility bills, property tax receipts, bank account statements, car registration, lease agreements, insurance cards, voter identification cards, and college enrollment papers are examples of documents that can be used as evidence of address.

The letter and documentation must be sent to the government agency or third entity (3rd) that has requested evidence. The letter and documentation will be returned to the resident after they have been accepted.

Why Do You Need An Affidavit of Residence?

The fundamental rationale for requiring an “affidavit” is that authorities who rely on the information must guarantee that the information provided is authentic and correct. When someone signs an affidavit, it adds a layer of formality to the process, signalling to the affiant that the information included in the document is vital. 

  • Notarized Proof of Residency

A notary proof of residence letter is a sworn declaration made in the presence of a notary public declaring residency by an individual or on behalf of an individual. Because of the nature of notarization, the letter might be susceptible to state perjury statutes if the claimant makes any fraudulent assertions.

In addition, when the individual signs, he or she must do so in front of a notary public or an attorney, certifying that he or she has read the document and attests to the accuracy of the material. 

The affidavit will be signed by a notary public, attesting to the fact that the individual swore that the information was correct and truthful. The person’s statement in the affidavit is essentially made under oath.

In most countries, like Texas, if a person is proved to have lied under oath or given false information under oath, the conduct can be prosecuted as a felony (crime of perjury).

As a result, signing an affidavit and attesting its substance should be done with caution, and you may need to get legal guidance from a competent lawyer or attorney in some situations.

When a person is asked to sign an affidavit of residency, it is usually to guarantee that they are telling the truth and providing accurate information to the corporation or government agency that requires their address.

In certain circumstances, a person’s address determines whether or not they are eligible to vote, get tax credits, pay lesser costs, register a property, enter the school system, and so on. 

As a result, an affidavit is required to establish that the individual is eligible for the benefit or to specify the precise technique or treatment that will be used on them.


What is the minimum age requirement for proof of residency documents?

Except for the following documents, which must be less than three months old:
Lease or rental agreement that has been signed (less than one year old)
Statement from a different banking institution regarding a home loan (less than six months old)
SARS official document (less than one year old)
Documents from another financial services provider’s long/short-term insurance policies (less than one year old)
letter or declaration from the corporate/governing body (less than one year old)
Documents pertaining to the registration and licencing of motor vehicles (less than one year old)
Letter confirming the renewal of a television licence (less than one year old)

Is a bank statement enough proof of residency?

In some circumstances, bank statements can be used as proof of residence. Organizations typically request proof of residence to verify your current location and eligibility for the services you desire, whether you’re applying for a driver’s licence, enrolling your children in school, or signing up for a county Membership Card.


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