Punishment for second marriage without divorce in Islam

May 25, 2022

This blog resolves the inquiries connected with marriage in Islam like-Is consent expected for second marriage in Islam without permission of first wife? What is the discipline of a second marriage in Islam without permission of first wife? Privileges of the main spouse and how to approve second marriage in Islam without permission of first wife. 

Marriage in Islam 


Not at all like Hindu relationships which are viewed as a ceremony, in a Muslim marriage, a nikah is a common agreement between a man and lady who will live as a couple. From a strict perspective, marriage is a reflection act-ibadat. 

There are no conventional services or ceremonies recommended to bless a nikah. Although the accompanying specific sensible circumstances are required- 

  • Ejab-o-Kubool-proposition and acknowledgment of marriage by both the gatherings. 
  • Free and shared assent 
  • Two observers are required (witness can’t be a minor) 
  • Bride and groom ought to be of sound brain (counting watchmen in the event that the lady and man of the hour are minor) 

For a strictly legitimate Muslim marriage, a proper agreement (verbal or composed) that depicts the limitations of the lady of the hour and lucky man is fundamental. This act is pertinent to all Indian residents. Notwithstanding, the territory of Jammu Kashmir is avoided from these arrangements. 

Separation in Islam 

Living together is thought of as unlawful and legacy of property is disallowed once the separation is conclusive. Just the Mehr, assuming excess, is to be paid. During the time of iddah, the spouse is qualified for help and support from the ex whenever required. Either the spouse or wife can endeavor compromise during this holding up time. Ladies’ procuring during the marriage time frame stays with the ladies. The spouse’s property and resources are not partitioned in a separation. 

Remarriage in Islam 

Once more, single men and divorced people can wed. A separated or bereaved lady should observe a time of iddah (90 days) prior to remarrying. In the event that the lady is pregnant from a past marriage she should hang tight for the conveyance before remarriage. 

Remarriage between the separated couple is conceivable assuming the spouse notices iddah, weds another man, culminates the marriage and the new husband deliberately disintegrates the marriage. After one more time of iddah, she can remarry her most memorable spouse. This interaction is called Nikah halala. A single man can wed, four lunar months and ten days after the demise of the main spouse. 

What in all actuality does second marriage mean in Islam? Polygamy in Islam?

Monogamy is a typical rule in Islam though polygamy is an exemption. Polygamy is acknowledged exclusively in outstanding conditions. Despite the fact that polygamy isn’t polished broadly among the Muslim populace in India. Polygamy isn’t assigned as a wrongdoing for Muslims. As indicated by Muslim individual regulation in India, a Muslim man can have up to four spouses all at once while a Muslim lady can have one husband. In India polygamy isn’t canceled following the Muslim Marriage Act

The Quran says that a man can wed multiple times yet relying on the prerequisite that the spouse treats every one of the four wives legitimately with equivalent love, regard and care. Balance is likewise expected with respect to funds, feelings, and sexual connections. In the event that the spouse can’t satisfy these circumstances he ought to just wed once. “Evenhandedly” here incorporates every spouse having equivalent admittance to the husband not in that frame of mind of inclination of the husband rather on a rotational premise. 

A Muslim man has consent to enjoy a second marriage without separating from the primary spouse. However a similar consent isn’t given to a Muslim lady. A Muslim woman would need to go through a separation continuing under the Muslim individual regulation or Muslim marriage act, 1939 to wed another man. Assuming a Muslim woman enjoys a second marriage while the principal marriage stays alive then that marriage will be viewed as invalid. 

As referenced before, polygamy is a decision, not a necessity. In the event that the rule that everyone must follow doesn’t go against the confidence then Muslims should maintain the standards. For instance in America polygamy is totally nullified subsequently it is unsuitable for Muslims to rehearse it in America. 

In nations where polygamy is lawful, there is a unique arrangement for the people who track down polygamy ethically hostile to remember a provision for the marriage contract. This provision keeps the spouse from a subsequent marriage. On the off chance that there is an infringement of this provision, that is a substantial ground for separate. 

Is authorization expected for second marriage in Islam without permission of first wife? 

In Islam, the attention is on building a stable conjugal relationship. Assuming a man is capable and ready to help more than one spouse then he is permitted to wed more than one wife with the condition that he will treat them all similarly. The assent of the main spouse isn’t needed for a man to wed another lady. Yet, it is accepted to be caring to illuminate her and get her participation to minimalise the sensations of harmed and envy towards the subsequent spouse. 

It is the obligation of the spouse to settle on the choice prudently and carefully while gauging his capacity that is a man ought to be of sensible wellbeing and have adequate pay prior to proposing a subsequent marriage. Evenhandedly treating the two spouses is the obligation and commitment of the husband as per his capacity it is anyway not a condition for the legitimacy of the subsequent marriage. None of the spouses should be separated. A subsequent marriage doesn’t place a ground for separate for any of the spouses except if it is for a sensible reason like plain damage. 

What are the privileges of the primary spouse incase of second marriage in Islam without permission of first wife? 

On account of a second marriage in Islam without permission of first wife, the primary wife has specific privileges. The spouse has obligations towards his better half very much like the wife has specific obligations towards him. The spouse is committed to spend on the principal wife as per his capacity and give her appropriate lodging, food and different necessities. On the off chance that the spouse can’t uphold monetarily and give equivalent time then he shouldn’t press briefly marriage. No separation or inclination ought to be displayed from the spouse towards any single wife. 

In various nations, polygamy is rehearsed regardless of the authorization of the primary spouse. The individuals who are monetarily subject to their spouses find it challenging to show refusal towards husbands will to wed in the future. This is one justification for why spouses probably won’t go for separate from regardless of whether the husband abuses the marriage contract. 

What is the discipline of a second marriage in Islam without permission of first wife? 

There is no discipline for second marriage in Islam without permission of first wife. The main condition for consent to wed again is that the spouse can give similarly to the two wives. The main spouse can’t settle on separate. Nonetheless, on the off chance that a provision is expressed in the marriage contract keeping the spouse from a second marriage then the infringement of this proviso can turn into a legitimate ground for separate for the main wife. 

How to demonstrate the legitimacy of second marriage second marriage in Islam without permission of first wife? 

The legitimacy of second marriage in Islam without permission of first wife is drawn from the Quran. A legitimate marriage is sans where and common assent of both the gatherings, who have accomplished adolescence and are of sound brain. Alongside that two observers are to authenticate the marriage. Sororal polygamy is anyway prohibited a marriage is viewed as invalid assuming a man weds two sisters of a similar family, a lady and her relative or lady and kin of her predecessor. The subsequent marriage is additionally viewed as invalid on the off chance that it is finished by disregarding the marriage contract (with the principal spouse) which forestalls marriage with someone else. 

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