Sample letter of consent to travel with one parent

May 31, 2022

This blog gives an introduction to a sample letter of consent to travel with one parent, a child travel consent form, and a template of a letter of consent. A sample letter of consent to travel with one parent OR child travel consent form OR travel consent form serves the same purpose. 

 A minor child who travels with one of the parents or a guardian or in a group needs to have a “Travel Consent Form” from both the parent of the child. This travel consent form for minor is a requirement for both domestic travel (within the country) and international travel. 

TSA (Transport Security Administration) could question the airlines and other concerned including the parents and are authorized to cancel the travel plan of the minor child if the requisite norms are not met. The main purpose of the Travel Consent Form for minors is that it can avert any sort of misunderstandings between parents or guardians when the minor child travels alone/accompanied by single parent/other people. (1) 

Before we look into a sample letter of consent to travel with one parent, let’s understand the legality aspect here – the authorities like immigration officials or airline personnel could have a clear understanding if the documentation is proper for records and if the document has the explicit consent of both the parents and/ or legal guardians responsible for the child’s welfare, safety and security. 

Furthermore, this travel consent form for minors averts any crime/illegal/immoral activities like the child is been abducted by one of the parents without the consent of the present/former spouse.

This document is downloadable as a template from the official website of the concerned state government. The following are the bullet points of what needs to be the contents of this document.

  1. Complete name with the id-proof numbers of both the parents/legal guardian names and with everyone’s contact details.
  2. Minor Child’s name and other personal details like date of birth, ID-proof details. 
  3. Endorsement of the consent of both the parents that the child can travel alone/travel with one of the parents/legal guardians/otherwise.
  4. Name of the people with their id-proof details whom the child is going to be accompanying.
  5. Details of travel with destination details.
  6. Signature of all parties and endorsed by Notary as an option to strengthen the document status.

The below consists of a sample letter of consent:

1.    Parents Details:

<Names of the parents/legal guardians> – We are the lawful custodial parents/Legal Guardians of:

2.    The Minor Child details:

a.    Child Name:

b.    Date and Place of Birth:

c.     ID Proof details:

3.     Travel Plan for the Minor Child with the Conditions/ Consent

a.    In this section one could tick the possible scenario of conditions in which the minor child intends to travel.

                  i.     I authorize my child as per details mentioned in Para 2 to travel alone

                 ii.     I authorize my child as per details mentioned in Para 2 with the following personnel/organization.

·       Names and details of individual/organization

·       Relationship details to the minor child

·       Id proof details of the individual/organization representative

4.    Travel Schedule/ Itinerary: I authorize my child to travel to the following cities

a.    Travel Schedule/City Name:

b.    Duration of Stay:

c.     Start and End Date:

d.    Return Date:

e.    Address where the child would stay:

5.    Signature of both parents:

a.    Parent/Legal Guardian Signature

b.    Date:

c.     Full Name 

d. Id-proof details

The definition of minor children and minor adults across the US is that anyone who has not attained 18 years of age is classified as a minor. 

  • Below 5 years come under one category,
  • 5 to 14 come in the second category,
  • 15 to 17 come under the third category. The third category is minor adults. 
  • 18 and above are categorized as adults. 

However, the first two categories, that are below 15 years are not allowed to travel unaccompanied in both domestic and international travel without proper documentation like a Parent Consent form duly filled and notarized by authorized personnel for legal purposes. (2) 

In general terms, all domestic carriers that operate in the US levy surcharges/ fees for unaccompanied minors, and some international carriers charge fees for personnel who come under the category of minor adults when they travel unaccompanied. 

Federal law states that all the categories of minors (means who are under the age of 18) need to have documentation done when they travel unaccompanied and even when they travel with one of their parents. This basic documentation requirement is the parent consent form which is duly filled and endorsed with the signatures of both the parents or legal guardian(s). 

This form might be required to be endorsed by a notary too towards the verification of the contents. However, there is a bit of leniency for the third category minors (who come under the age group of 15 to 18 years of age). 

They are allowed by the domestic carriers to travel alone with their id-proof without the demand of a sample letter of consent to travel with one parent. TSA (Transport Security Administration) may not question the domestic carriers on this allowance.

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