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June 1, 2022

This blog talks about sample eviction notice, how to write an eviction notice, what does an eviction notice look like, and landlord eviction notice. 

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In a brief, an eviction notice is when the landlord wants the tenant to vacate the property during a stipulated time period. There are various reasons why the landlord would want the tenant to leave – delay in rent payment, when tenants violate the terms of the agreement, etc. (1) 

Before we discuss sample eviction notice, let’s talk about: 

What are the reasons for landlord eviction notice? 

1. When the tenant fails to pay rent 

The stipulated time to pay rent is between 3 and 5 days. It is wiser to check this in your local housing laws. 

2. When you have violated the lease 

It is wise to understand the lease agreement in detail – always read and understand it before you sign it. In this case, if you have violated certain ‘dos and don’ts’, the landlord is well within their rights to terminate the agreement and file an eviction notice. 

3. Other reasons like: 

a) violated the agreement (not for the first time) 

b) failed to pay rent again 

c) damaged the premise 

d) committed a crime while living on the premises 

The landlord may feel like the problem(s) persist – an unconditional notice is something that is possible when proper evidence is presented. (2) 

More than 2/3rd of the states in the US have a 30 day eviction notice. (link)  

How to write an eviction notice and what does a sample eviction notice look like? 

The agreement should answer your 5W’s – Why, When, What, Where, and Who? 

Why is there an eviction notice? 

Is it a late payment? Have they violated the lease? Has the lease expired? Are there other unconditional reasons that continue to happen? 

When must the tenant fix the issue or leave the premises? 

The tenant must leave on or before what date? When does the notice start taking effect? 

What can be done to fix the issue at hand? 

An understanding or reference so the tenant can fix the issue. 

Where is the eviction? 

The address of the premise. Ensure that if there is an apartment involved – include the door number, room number, etc. 

Who does the notice apply to? 

The tenant’s and landlord’s information – name, address, and contact information must be included in the document. 

More on sample eviction notice… 

How to write an eviction notice? What does an eviction notice look like? 

#1: Fill out all mandatory details 

a) Name of the tenant 

b) Property details 

The name of the tenant and complete address is necessary. 

#2: Reference your lease agreement

Include the name and date of the original agreement. Ensure the name/ title of the agreement – Is it a lease agreement? Rental agreement? Residential lease agreement? 

Ensure the date when the two parties got into the agreement is mentioned. 

#3: List the reason for the eviction notice and if there is a way forward to sort the issue

As we have established, there are various reasons why the landlord would want to issue the eviction notice – the reason must be listed, along with, if there is a way to remedy the issue. For example, explain the number of days the rent has been delayed for. 

Remedy: To stay, ensure you pay the rent on or before a certain date. A 5 day notice period would be sufficient as well. 

#4: Ensure you mention the statutes and legislation, and sign the notice

Depending on your state, mention and reference the law or regulation. The notice must be provided in accordance with the state law. 

#5: Provide proof 

Your proof is a service – an affidavit that is signed under oath. Date and method of delivery are something that must be discussed – it is suggested that intricacies are written to ensure no room for miscommunication and all parties are on the same page. 

#6: Sign the notice 

Sign the notice. Write the date and mention your full name. You will experience a person delivering the notice to you. 

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