How to write an eviction notice? What an eviction notice looks like.

June 1, 2022

This blog gives a brief insight onto eviction notices and provides an eviction notice template on the basis of the scenario below: 


This template is drawn due to the non-repayment of rent for a stipulated time and hence the landlord has prepared to send this notice as a preamble to his tenant. 

If the tenant is not adhering to as per the norms set forth in the tenancy contract and as per this notice issued by the landlord, then the landlord has legal rights to move to the court and evict the tenant from the rental premises. Once the court passes the judgment in favor of the landlord then the tenant would be evicted by the police personnel and the tenancy contract would become null and void.

Instead, the tenant may choose to reason out with the landlord and pay the rent within the stipulated time as specified by the notice or get into an understanding and arrive at a consensus with the landlord and pay the rent by a revised schedule, agreed mutually by both parties. 

In such a case, the landlord need not have to move to the court and could continue with the tenant on the same terms of the existing tenancy contract. 

Please note that the Eviction notice template is not the same as the non-renewable tenancy contract. An eviction notice template is issued for the reason that the tenant has been involved against the rulesets of the tenancy contract and it is the right of the landlord to evict the tenant during the course of the running contract and make the contract null and void.

Eviction Notice Template

Please note that the below eviction notice template is a sample for late payment or rent-due situations. 


Name of State and county:

Title: Notice of Termination of Tenancy contract and Eviction of Tenant;

Addressed to:

Name of the Tenant:

Address of the rented occupied property; 

This notice is issued to Mr/Mrs/Ms < Name of the Tenant>, to notify them that the accepted norms towards paying rent as per the Tenancy Agreement dated <mmddyyy>. 

The said Tenancy Agreement (The Lease Agreement) is duly signed by you. Refer to the Clause <Clause number> in the said Agreement that you have an agreement to pay the rent monthly USD <Amount> for the property that you have occupied.

The rent for the period of <months/year> is overdue. 

Moreover, as per the Agreement, the late fee is also due.

Total Amount due: Rent for the period <Months/year> : <Amount>

Late Fee: <Amount>

This notice has been issued to demand the payment of <Total Amount> by the end of <mmddyyy>, which I am giving you sufficient notice of <no of days>. If the payment is not received by the aforesaid date, the tenancy contract (The Agreement) will be canceled and you must vacate the premises with immediate effect on the date <mmddyyyy>.  

If you do not pay the overdue rent and/or vacate the premises, there would be taken legal action against you and you would be forced to evict as per the laws of <State>.

This Notice is issued to you as per the norms and laws of the State and Federal Laws and in accordance with the Agreement signed by yourselves. The Agreement copy is enclosed for the ready reference.

You are hereby advised to accept this notice and acknowledge it by signing a copy of the notice.

Landlord Name:

Landlord’s Address and Contact:

Landlords Signature with Date:

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