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Tanya is a student at Reva University and writes blogs for eSahayak. She is a keen writer and avid reader.

Importance of a Buy-Sell Agreement

April 1, 2022

A smooth transition of business ownership will be important to every entrepreneur at some time in the future. The Buy-Sell Agreement is for a specific instance of departure strategy.  It’s a contract between and among business owners that creates a mechanism for the acquisition of ownership interests once an owner leaves due to a triggering […]

Essential Elements of a Residential Lease Agreement

Before talking about the elements of a Residential Lease Agreement, you must know Residential Lease Agreement is one of the most crucial aspects of a landlord-tenant relationship. A lease serves as a road map for the tenancy, laying out in detail the landlord’s and tenant’s rights and duties.  It functions as both a practical document […]

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