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RC Renewal Online- Renew your Car/ Bike RC

For any vehicle owner, it is important that your vehicle is registered with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). 

A vehicle’s registration certificate (RC) is an official document that serves as proof of registration, as well as the ownership of a vehicle. 

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory for any motor vehicle in India to have a valid registration certificate in order to drive on the roads and highways in the country.

NOTE: As per law, every registration certificate is required to be renewed before it expires to be in use, which must be done 60 days before the date of expiry. 

What is RC Renewal or Re-registration of a Vehicle Certificate?

As we already mentioned earlier, the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, dictates that any vehicle that runs on the public roads of the country must have a valid vehicle registration certificate (RC). The validity of a vehicle registration certificate is applicable for 15 years from the date of issuance of the certificate and in some cases, the validity of a vehicle can also be only 10 years (like diesel vehicles in Delhi).

Because of that, the vehicle owner is required to undergo the RC renewal process. 

As per the RC renewal norms, after 15 years the vehicle registration is renewed every 5 years. This RC book renewal, however, is subject to the health of the vehicle. If, after the inspection by the RTO, the vehicle is deemed fit, only then the vehicle owner can apply for the RC renewal of the vehicle.

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How to apply for RC Renewal?

For the renewal or re-registration of a Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC), the vehicle owner can either get it gone offline or online. Whether you are getting your car RC renewal online, or a bike RC renewal online, you need to adhere to the guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). 

To apply for the RC renewal online, you must:

  1. Click on the Generate Now button, answer a few simple questions and your form will be filled automatically using eSahayak.
  2. Take out the print of this form and submit it with other required documents to the Registering Authority of your area.

To apply for the RC Renewal offline, You must:

  1. Download “Form 25
  2. Go to to print shop to get it printed
  3. Fill the form (You may need to take help from someone because the form isn’t self explanatory)
  4. As the form is not self explanatory, the chances of filling the wrong form is high.
  5. Submit it with other required documents to the Registering Authority of your area.

Can all the processes of RC Renewal be done online?

No, it’s not possible. Since the vehicle’s RC will be renewed according to the vehicle’s health, you will have to take your vehicle and your renewal application to your respective RTO for inspection. 

You can fill the form online with the help of eSahayak but you will have to visit the concerned RTO with the vehicle (Car/bike), along with the original vehicle documents, for inspection and further processing of the application.

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What Fees do I need to pay for RC Renewal or Re-Registration?

Every state RTO requires you to pay a mandatory RC renewal fee. The RC renewal charges in India are different according to the type of vehicle. 

Here are the RC renewal charges.

Vehicle TypeFees
Invalid Carriage₹ 50
Motorcycle/ Scooty₹ 300
Non-transport LMV₹ 600
Transport LMV₹ 1,000
Medium Goods Vehicles₹ 1,000
Medium Passenger Motor Vehicles₹ 1,000
Heavy Goods Vehicles₹ 1,500
Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicles₹ 1,500
Imported Motor Vehicles₹ 5,000
Imported Motorcycles₹ 2,500
Any other vehicles₹ 3,000

There may be different Registration fees in different states of the country. 


  1. If the RC renewed is of smart card types, then additional fees of ₹ 200 is applicable.
  2. If the RC renewal application is made after the date of expiry of RC, then additional fee of ₹ 300 is applicable for delay of every month (For Motorcycles/ Scooty) and ₹ 500 for delay of every month (For other classes of non-transport vehicles)
RC renewal online

What are the documents required for RC Renewal online?

Apart from the RC renewal application form, there are few more documents that need to be submitted to get your RC renewed. The required documents are:

  • Form 25 (You can fill the form here)
  • Original RC
  • PUC (Pollution Under Control) Certificate
  • Vehicle Fitness Certificate
  • Road Tax payment proof
  • Vehicle Insurance Certificate
  • PAN Card
  • Chassis & Engine Pencil Print
  • Identification & Signature Proof of the owner


Can we get RC renewal after 15 years?

Yes, for non-commercial vehicles, the RC can be renewed after 15 years for a period of 5 years, provided that the vehicle is deemed fit by the registering authorities.

Can we get RC renewal after the expiry date?

Yes, for a minimum charge of Rs. 300-500, you can apply for RC renewal of your vehicle after the expiry of the RC. You must remember to apply for renewal within 60 days from the expiration date.

How many days does the renewal of RC take?

The exact time may vary from state to state, in general, you can expect to receive your renewed RC within 2 weeks after submission of your RC renewal application.

How can I renew my vehicle RC if I don’t have my expired RC with me?

The original RC is one of the important documents to have when you are applying for your vehicle RC renewal. Without the original RC, you cannot proceed with your application. In case you have misplaced or destroyed your original RC, you must first apply for a duplicate one.

How does eSahayak help me in RC Renewal Online?

eSahayak helps you in making a perfect RC renewal file from your smartphone or desktop in just a few minutes. With eSahayak, you don’t have to roam around government offices or ask people how to get RC Renewal done.


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RC Renewal of Vehicle

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esahayak is not associated with any government agency, it is a third party platform which saves you from all the hassles of documentation required in various government and legal forms.

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RC Renewal of Vehicle

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