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    How You Can Work With eSahayak

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    Create eSahayak Forms & Earn Money

    We provide you with all the necessary tools that you need to build an eSahayak form. You will earn a flat commission everytime a transaction is done on the forms created by you. All eSahayak forms are built on Crove. Disclaimer: The commission is decided by eSahayak and can be changed without prior notice.

    Write Blogs

    Think building a form is too complex? Well, fret not! You can always contribute with your writing. You can write blogs such as these or write various form description on eSahayak. Moreover, you get to learn your way around in WordPress along the way.

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    Brand Visibility

    Grow Your Brand Visibility

    When you contribute on eSahayak by creating forms or writing content, we make sure the entire world knows it was authored by you.  Still not convinced? Scroll the page to know about more benefits.

    Benefits of collaborating with eSahayak

    We Indians love documents. eSahayak is here to cater to all legal and government document needs. We are keen on building a healthy and prosperous business community.

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    SEO Boost

    You can leverage eSahayak's dominant SEO ranking and use the content authored by you as backlinks to boost the SEO for your business. An improved SEO means higher visibility amongst your competitors.

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    Increase social account footfall

    Your name, about and social media channels will be visible on every content written by you. You can use your writing to sway eSahayak customers to your social media accounts and increase your social presence.

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    Earn Money

    There is a never ending hunger of legal and government documents. When you create forms for eSahayak you get a flat comission everytime a transaction is made on such forms.

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    Get Leads

    All the eSahayak customers that fill the form created by you automatically become potential customers for your business. (Tip: Create a form that matches with your customer's needs)

    Who can ideally join?

    eSahayak has forms belonging to different categories, thereby opening opportunities for people from various industries to contribute and expand their business.

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    Notary public

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Who all can work with eSahayak?


    Will I be paid for contributing?


    You can belong to any industry that involves documentation to be a part of eSahayak. You can be a CA, a lawyer, a notary public, a student, or any other professional who is looking to improve their brand visibility and earn money.


    You earn a flat 20% commission on every transaction on forms created by you for a period of 6 months (beginning from the date of form publishing). After 6 months, you will get commission till it reaches INR 10000, thereafter no commission is released on that form.


    I am a blogger. How can eSahayak help me?


    How can I be a part of eSahayak?


    We are constantly updating our forms library, we need bloggers who can write for us. When you write on eSahayak you not only better your writing skills, but also improve visibility for your blog. Disclaimer: There are no monetary benefits for such contributions for now. But nothing like free advertising, eh?


    To be a part of eSahayak simply get in touch with us by filling up the form. We will contact you and then you can tell us how you want to contribute on eSahayak and grow your brand.


    How can I be a part of eSahayak?


    To be a part of eSahayak simply get in touch with us by filling up the form, once you are registered, start creating paid templates. Get these templates published on e-sahayak, earn money and get leads. In return you only pay us a montly subscription.


    Is there a limit on number of forms to create?


    No there is no limit, you can create any number of templates, eSahayak is built keeping indian market in mind, as there are over a million of templates belonging to different categories. So the more templates you create, more money and leads you get.


    How can I create forms?


    We provide you with, our inhouse platform that gives you power to create repetitive business documents as programmable templates to automate your documentation workflow. eSahayak is powered by crove and all templates are created using crove itself.


    Who all can collaborate with eSahayak?


    You can belong to any industry that involves documentation to be a part of eSahayak. May you be a CA, a lawyer, a notary public, a company secretery or you own a documentation centre and want to expand your business, etc.