What makes an Affiliate Program great?

May 5, 2021

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So you decided you want to earn a side income (or passive income)? You went through various blog posts, lists, affiliate networks and you got lost in a sea of resources for affiliate marketers. Don’t worry we will help you in deciding in which affiliate program you should invest your time. A lot of affiliate programs are good but then there are some that are great.

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If you’re new to affiliate marketing and want to know what’s the hype all about you can check out Neil Patel’s post about the same here. Okay, now you know what an affiliate program is. What you want to know is which affiliate program is ideal for you. Here is a list of things you can use to measure the worth of an affiliate program:

  1. Timely Payments – Check if you will be getting the payments on the schedule published by the affiliate program. One very good way to do that is to connect with other affiliates who are already part of the program.
  2. High Commissions per sale – If you are in for making money then commission per sale becomes an important metric to decide upon an affiliate program. Program offering higher commissions per sale becomes an obvious choice.
  3. Recurring Commissions – High commissions per sale only make sense when you get a recurring commission. Look out for programs that offer recurring commissions.
  4. Long Cookie Time – By cookie I mean browser cookies, the longer your affiliate link sticks around in a customer’s browser cookies the better it is. An affiliate program has 90 day cookie life means that when a customer visits a product using your affiliate link, any purchase they make in a 90 day period will earn you a commission.
  5. Better Conversion Rate – The affiliate business is competitive, not every product or service has the same desirability. Look out for affiliate programs of products/services that have higher conversion rate i.e., a user is most likely to buy this product/service on visiting its landing page. (Pro tip: Never sell a product that you yourself won’t buy)
  6. Support from team – A program that supports its affiliates by the means of posters, videos and other promotional material will always have a better affiliate program. All affiliate’s needs are catered to by such programs.
  7. Competitions – Competition in nature is omnipresent. Affiliate marketing is particularly competitive so, a program that offers higher commissions and perks to better performing affiliates incentivizes other affiliates to do better and create an atmosphere of healthy competition.
  8. Realtime Conversion Tracking – A transparent and error-free conversion and link click tracking helps in building trust in the entire affiliate network.
  9. Low Minimum Pay out – An affiliate program that sets a very low or no cap on the minimum pay out is better. Such programs encourages beginner affiliates and incentivizes them to become a pro in their field.
  10. Flexible Payment Methods – An affiliate program that offers multiple payment methods for pay outs to its affiliates builds confidence among the affiliates. Also, the affiliates get pay outs without any hassle.
  11. Easy Onboarding – If getting started on an affiliate program feels like a game of chess then it is a bad program. A good affiliate program would be the one where the process from signing up to the program to getting your first pay out is easy.
  12. Perks – Every affiliate program is unique and comes with a different set of perks. Look out for these additional bonuses as well! Perks may include early pay outs, company anniversary gift cards, discount codes etc.

I hope these points will help you choose a great affiliate program. Talking of great affiliate programs, one such program is eSahayak’s own Affiliate Program. It checks all the points in the above list. Moreover the team is always ready to guide you with seminars and learning resources.

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