eSahayak Blogging Competition: Earn ₹1,000/ week

June 25, 2021

Table of Contents

1What is eSahayak?
2Important details about the competition
3Guidelines for submitting the blogs
4Who is eligible to take part in this competition?
5Topics on which you have to write the blogs and where to submit it?
6How long the blog should be?
7What is the assessment criteria for the competition?
8What is the last date of submission of blogs?
9When and where would the results be declared?

Yes you heard it right, you can earn ₹1,000/ week by participating in weekly blog writing competition on eSahayak.

eSahayak is pleased to announce a weekly blog writing competition. Every week we will select the top 5 published articles from eSahayak Blog and award them a Certificate of Excellence. 

Moreover, the top 2 blogs of that week will get a reward of ₹1,000 each.

One person can submit as many articles as they want to. However, only one article submitted by an individual in a week will be considered for the prize money. But, submitting more articles will increase your chances of winning. 

We hope that this competition will help in motivating our contributors to write good articles and get them published on eSahayak. 

We expect this to serve two great purposes:

  1. To encourage our contributors to write frequently
  2. To help people by providing them all the information that can help them in all government-related and legal paperwork.

What is eSahayak?

The Coronavirus pandemic has made everything go virtual – from consulting doctors to education and ordering groceries. However, government-related paperwork is still scattered and not completely digitised.

We at eSahayak are enabling users to generate or process all their government and legal documents right from their phone by just filling out a simple form.

Launched in March, 2021 by Gourav Manchanda and Charanjit Singh, provides all government and legal documentation services to people in one place – starting from birth registration to death registration and all other registrations like marriage certificate, caste certificate, consultation with a lawyer or CA, property registration, company formation, etc.

The problem with government websites is that it does not work well on the mobile. Moreover, there is no prior information about the documents required, and at times the process is complicated. eSahayak simplifies that and breaks it into a simple form for the users and aims to bring all states in India online.

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We have been featured in also. Click here to see our story.

Important Details about the Competition

1.Competition Start Date06:00 PM, Every Monday
2.Competition End Date11:59 PM, Every Sunday
3.Blog Submission atAuthor Blogging Competition Dashboard (Get Access)
4.Competition Result
5.This week TopicsBlog Topics
6.Blogging GuideDownload Now

Blog Submission Guidelines


  • Top 2 submissions of every week will get a cash prize of ₹1,000 each.
  • Top 5 submissions will get a certificate of merit (no physical copy, but online)
  • Best articles will get published on eSahayak.
  • Top authors will be added to an official “wall of fame.”
  • Recommendations for internships at law firms that would partner with us to be provided to winners.
eSahayak Perks


Any person and every person who wants to submit an article on a legal topic which meets the below-mentioned criteria are eligible to submit the article for the competition. 

Articles published in a particular week will be eligible to be considered for the competition during that week only.


We will provide 10 topics every week. After registering for the competition you need to choose any 1 topic out of those 10 topics and submit the blog by upcoming Sunday. Topics will be updated by our team every Monday before 6 pm. You need to draft the blog inside your blogging dashboard. (Register now and get access to your blogging dashboard)

This week Topics: Competition Topics

Word Limit

The article should be a minimum of 1400 words (there is no maximum word limit, while it is best if all relevant points considering the title are mentioned in the article).

Assessment Criteria

If more people read your article, like it, engage with it, share it and comment on it, we take that as a sign that your article is well written, and this is something we would take into consideration while deciding the winners, apart from the quality check done by eSahayak Editors.

You need to satisfy the needs of Rankmath. (See this post to know how)

It may so happen that if we do not find 5 articles to select because they are not well written then we may announce four or fewer winners or even none at all if the articles do not meet quality standards.

If we receive more than 1 blog on the same topic then only the best blog will be published and all other blogs will be rejected.

Your articles will be marked on the following points. You should meet the following criteria to qualify to win:

  1. The article should meet professional standards and be of publishable quality.
  2. Any plagiarism will make the article non-publishable on eSahayak blog and thus, it would be rejected.
  3. The content shouldn’t be too dense/ technical for a reader. The concepts covered in the content should be easily understandable and mentioned in the simplest yet grammatically correct form.
  4. It should be detailed and exhaustive. Answer all the questions that may come to one’s mind regarding the topic. However, do not deviate and write irrelevant things to make up the word count. Content needs to be genuine and strictly relevant. Download our blogging guide to know how you can write an article.
  5. You have to be straight to the point and precise. No beating around the bush.
  6. The idea should be communicated clearly and distinctly.
  7. There must be sufficient examples. We would appreciate it if there are accompanying PPTs, videos, tables, charts, infographics, etc. to explain the concept completely. 
  8. Important points should be properly highlighted, and the paragraphs should have proper headings and subheadings. More headings and subheadings and bullet points you put, the better chance of winning, because we love well-structured articles. 
  9. Information should not be repetitive.
  10. You should avoid over-exaggeration or over-explanation of concepts.  
  11. The article should be in a proper flow. Paragraphs/ sentences/ headings/ sub-headings (select as appropriate) should be connected with the previous and subsequent paragraph/ sentence/ heading/ sub-heading (select as appropriate).
  12. Use hyperlinks in your blog.

Date of Submission

Sunday of every week will be considered as the last day of submission for that week. All the articles submitted after Sunday will, by default, be considered for next week. This is a weekly competition. The week will be considered to start every Monday and end on every Sunday.

Declaration of Results

Results will be announced on our social media handles. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see the competition results.

Results will be declared within 14 days from the last day of submission.

Sample of Excellence Certificate


eSahayak’s Blogging Guide: Download Now

Sample Articles: 

  1. How a power of attorney (POA) be made?
  2. What are the types of partnership deed?

Contact Details


Exclusive License

By submitting your article for this competition, you are giving Real Craft Tech Private Limited exclusive and unlimited license, without any restriction of time or geographical restriction, to publish your article on blog, as well as any other compendium where we may like to publish it.

However, if we do not publish your article within 14 days of submission, we would have no rights to your article, and you would be free to publish it elsewhere. However, if we publish it, you cannot attempt to publish the same article/ content anywhere else.

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esahayak is not associated with any government agency, it is a third party platform which saves you from all the hassles of documentation required in various government and legal forms.

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