10 Dos and Don’ts of a Job Offer Letter

December 8, 2021

This article talks about the Dos and Don’ts of a employment offer letter in detail. 

When a job is presented to you, there are steps to take to increase the likelihood of acceptance. It is to ensure the employment relationship starts on the right foot. 

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Dos and Donts of a Job Offer Letter
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Here are the Dos and Don’ts of a Job Offer Letter: 

The Dos of a job offer letter: 

1. Get it in writing.  

Some employers choose to assess the candidate’s interest by extending a verbal offer… they can go back on their word. If you are committed and interested in this job, and only this job, a formal written offer will include the job title, supervisor, location, work hours, the cost to the company, and a summary of benefits. 

Furthermore, the offer letter will include a contingency clause that could lead to a withdrawal, that is, after a background check, drug test, references, etc. 

2. Take time to consider the offer letter for job. 

The generic timeline to ‘take or leave’ the offer is 48 hours. Some companies may offer a longer timeframe. Take a reasonable timeline to respond. Weigh the pros and cons of accepting the offer letter for job, and understand the externalities of it. 

3. Sign and Email the Offer Letter. 

It is etiquette to sign and return the offer letter. This will act as a formal and legal document. This signifies that you are ready to work with the said firm and duties. 

4. Always have questions prepared. 

Be prepared to ask questions, but not too many. Talk about the dress code, parking, benefits, and work environment. Asking questions shows interest to carry the process forward. 

5. Never close your communication channels. 

Once the interview(s) is/ are completed, you have to keep the lines of communication open. Have outstanding questions and show that you are interested. Don’t close communications unless you are absolutely sure that you are not interested in the job and its benefits. 

Don’ts of a job offer letter are as follows: 

1. Don’t let the employers take you by surprise. 

Ask questions so you are not taken by surprise after joining. Filter your questions into categories that concern your offer, like, Responsibilities, Benefits, Ancillary Benefits, Work Environment, etc. 

Be in sync with the employer about the Job Descriptions and Job Responsibilities from the beginning. Transparency ensures expectations are set properly. 

2. Don’t make promises or statements that be used against you.  

Avoid making promises or making statements that could harm you in any way. Understand the various manners of employment: full-time, part-time, at-will, etc. In such cases, talk about the opportunities that present themselves in front of you – and enquire about on the basis of that.

3. Don’t discuss compensation in multiple terms. 

The employers to ‘inflate’ the value of your compensation may speak in hourly, monthly, and annually terms. When you talk about compensation – find out the particulars and benefits that are involved, and then ask them about the cost to the company – what is the take-home amount. 

Find out the taxable deduction before you discuss it further. 

4. Don’t over-negotiate. 

Don’t keep going back-and-forth when it comes to negotiation. Tell them your requirements, listen to how far they can come. Meet halfway and come to a mutually beneficial decision. There is no point dragging the conversation when you keep going back and forth. 

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What to include in the job offer letter? 

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Here are Dos and Don’ts of a job offer letter – what to include in the offer letter for job. 

Dos of a job offer letter

  • The name of the company, name of the employee, frame the letter on the company’s letterhead, ensure the date, name of the employee, and address of the employee are mentioned. 
  • The salary in Net and Gross. 
  • Duties and Responsibilities of the employee, let them know what to expect. If their duties and responsibilities will evolve over time – mention that as a clause.
  • The clauses that can protect you and talk about the legalities concerned in the workplace, signing a nondisclosure agreement, taking drug tests, etc.  
  • After mentioning the legal aspects of that concerns the company and employee, welcome them. Don’t forget that kindness goes a long way. 

Don’ts of a job offer letter

  • Don’t get too formal, where it sounds like the entire document sounds like a contract. 
  • Ignore the cliche statements like, “Your career starts here”, “This is your place to grow”, etc. 

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How to write a job offer letter?

There are various templates on how you can welcome your candidate to the firm through the offer letter for job. If you are in a dilemma on how to write a job offer letter, the below template is for you: 

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